Saturday, February 27, 2016

Before & After Mid Century Chairs

Some good friends handed down two amazing Mid Century 
chairs that I had previously obsessed over at their house.  
They had them and loved them until they moved into a super
 sleek house and just couldn't make sense of these chairs
 in their new space. So, they asked me if I wanted them. 
 I nearly made them sign a contract, I was so excited!  


 Look at these lines!  You can quickly catch my obsession?

 I loved the vintage green tweed fabric, but unfortunately in 
my friend's move from house to house they were stored in 
a place where they sat under a constant drip of water.  I couldn't
salvage the fabric, and in all honesty this pair of beauties were
loved so much in the 60+ years that the cushions needed 
some pretty significant restorative work.  If you look at this
back cushion, you can see how depleted the cushion is.

Again, those lines.  Swoon.


 Can we have a moment?  SwoonFest.
The restored cushions are cozy.

I wanted to honor the original fabric, so I 
went in search of a tweed fabric.  In
my search I found this sharp herringbone
pattern and it was love at first sight.

 I literally cannot stop staring at them.


Local friends, I highly recommend Advantage Upholstery.  I am now in 
search of a vintage couch for our front room, because this was way too much fun!