Tuesday, September 11, 2012

What goes better with a hospital gown than a cutie new bag?

Well, I have been sitting in the hospital since Friday, and am starting to go stir crazy!!!  They admitted me because they were worried about my lungs and inflammation I have in my ribs (oh the joys of pregnancy and how it messes with our bodies!) and now, like last time, I have preeclampsia...so I will be staying put in the hospital until this little baby boy shows his face to the world.  They are working to push me to 37 weeks, which is now just a few days away.  I don't know if they will reevaluate the situation then, or just elect that he will officially join our family?  It's just crazy.  I have never felt so sick, but this evening they finally got the majority of my pain under control with a new medication and I feel like a solid 500 bucks...not quite a million bucks, but way better than the sewer penny I have felt like the last several days. 

After work, dinner and some good quality time with Logan, Zac heads to the hospital to spend a few hours with me.  We are so blessed and thankful that my mother-in-law was able to pack her bags, head to the airport and get to Denver within hours of us calling.  So blessed.  My sweet Logan is in such good hands with grammy, and she thinks that I am at the dentist.  Sweet girl.  I am not ready for her to see me, as she is doing so well with grammy and daddy, and I don't want her to be scared about all the tubes and machines I am hooked up to.  So, for now, in her little mind I am at the dentist and I am sure she is thinking I will bring her home a sucker.  I must back track and tell you why she thinks I am getting my teeth cleaned:  one of her favorite books is The Berenstain Bears Visit the Dentist and one of her favorite parts of the story is the 'spit sucker' the dentist uses to clean out brother bear's mouth.  So, in her little mind the sucker she receives every time she comes with me to the baby doctor is actually a 'spit sucker' (she actually asks my doctor for a spit sucker, after each appointment...God love her!) so she clearly thinks the baby doctor is synonymous with the dentist (she has been to the dentist, so I just go with it to keep her somewhat excited about doctor/dentist appointments...well, at least the treat she receives, of course!)

I have been searching for a great black bag for well over a year.  Today, I dedicated a chunk of my time to the continued search for the elusive bag.  I am forced to spend most of my day in bed hooked up to machines...so why not kill a little black bag bird with the bed rest stone? 

So, I think I found my bag...I won't truly know until I hold it, pop it over my shoulder, yada yada...so I made sure that shipping is covered both directions, should I decide to return...so worth it, no loss if I am not in love with it in person!  Yay!

Isn't this just fantastic?  I loooove that it is a 2 way bag...I die over cross body bags, they are my absolute favorite, but...

I am equally excited about the 'o medicine bag look of it with the little handle.  So cute, right.  I will be able to stuff loads of things in it (what I aspire to do as a mom of 2...). 

In my search I accidentally stumbled upon a cutie green bag on sale (you know I am a sucker for a sale...) and again, there is no pressure, free returns if I don't love it when I see it (green is hard to go off of on the Internet...it looks adorbsy, but who knows the reality of the color until I see it).  The brand of both bags is one of my favorites.  The leather is uber soft and the floral fabric lining is just to die for on the cuteness scale. I loooove the strap.  A bit of a thicker strap on one end...so cute! 

So I end day four in the hospital in pretty good spirits.  Although I just endured something that I think no one should ever experience, omg.  I wish I could share the story of my evening, but that would just be too much to share publicly...my poor girlfriends (and Dr. Joey) were told and they died with me...thank you cutie bags for helping me end my night on a very positive and super cute note!  

Now, if only I could make sure that Zac doesn't receive the email alert for this posting...kind of my bad for forcing him to sign up, huh!!!