Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Craigslist Find // Midcentury Love

I just scored a maj find on craigslist.com...oh boy.  Like I have mentioned before, a simple 'midcentury' search in your area, on the site, will yield some wonderful finds.  Mildly obsessed with this little side chair. 

$10, say what!!!  Can you stand it?  I will recover the seat, to give it new life.

Get your search on!!!  

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Jack Johnson Tickets

I had a mild panic last week when I heard that Jack Johnson would be playing a small show in Denver this fall, all part of a small venue tour.  I had a moment.  I haven't seen him play for 5 years (the last time he did a US tour) and I haven't seen him play a small venue since 2001 (which is a crazy fun memory, I will share at the end of this post)

Okay, so I had a moment, but jumped into action in hopes that I would be seated in the Paramount Theater, come October, to see this show!  By jumping into action I mean: signed myself and Zac up for a chance to receive a 'slot' to purchase tickets...how crazy is that.  I also told a girlfriend to sign up, along with her boyfriend, just to up our chances of receiving a slot to purchase.  The girlfriend and I also decided this would be a girl's night out (if we were lucky enough to get a slot, it seemed like 2 tickets would be easier to get than 4) so the guys were just doing there part to help our cause.  So, we find out tomorrow if we get a purchase slot...but that doesn't really matter as I WON TICKETS IN ONE OF THE FIRST ROWS!!!!  omGEEZY. 

Yes, this is true, I won tickets.  Holy Toledo...I still get goosebumps at the thought.  Here's how this big win came to be:  Ltst week I dropped Lo off at summer camp and popped the radio on for my 3 minute drive back to the house.  It was meant to be that I heard a radio advertisement for a contest to win the tickets.  All you had to do, for a chance to win, was submit a picture of you on your bike (in honor of 'ride your bike to work day').  I flipped through my phone and found this picture of Zac, paying homage to the greatest bike movie ever, RAD, by popping wheelies like Cru Jones, in our driveway.  I submitted the picture, and went on with my day.

The next day I had a missed call, and assumed it was probably the company delivering our kitchen appliances.  I called them back and was beyond confused when the woman on the other line said said it was a radio station (this is how spread thin I feel right now, I didn't immediately think back to the day earlier when I signed up for the contest, I tell ya!)...she even asked if I might have won a contest.  I said no.

5 minutes later I remembered my online submission for the previous day and called back and told her I might have won a contest.  I did.  I had a moment.  I still cannot believe we will: A. be at the show B. be in the first few rows C. for free!!!!  Zac now thinks it is super funny to tell my friend and I that technically he won the tickets and he will scalp them to us.  Haaaa. 

Okay, so now back to the first time I saw Jack Johnson perform, back in 2001.  He was very new on the music scene and was doing a small show at  First Avenue in Minneapolis.  The show was sold out, but my college buddy and I decided to see if we could score some tickets outside the show.  I remember it was a colder than average fall day, and we got there early in hopes of bumping into someone who was looking to unload tickets.  We didn't see a soul looking for us to buy their tickets, and didn't have it in us to stand in the cold, so we did what anyone would do, WE KNOCKED ON JACK JOHNSON'S TOUR BUS.  You would do the same, right?  Well his tour manager answered and called me 'red' (because of the red sweater I was wearing)...I love that I still remember that!  Well he hooked us up with tickets.  The show was unreal.  After the final encore Jack came out to chat with all the people that were still in the building.  Man, I still love his music, as much as I did that cold fall day. 

Be excited for full report of this contest, come October.  YAY!!! 

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Countertops...ask (for a discount) and you shall receive

I just want to throw it out there that:
  1. We went to the stone yard yesterday to see the Super White Quartzite and it is FABULOUS
  2. The stone is expensive (lame, right)
  3. I asked the fabricator (the guy who will turn the slabs into counters) for a discount
  4. He agreed
The moral of this story, it never hurts to ask!

Onward to kitchen completion, my friends! 

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Kitchen Remodel...the shopping

We moved into our house 8 months ago, and I have been chomping at the bit to take down some walls in the kitchen, to create a more functional space.  My friends, that time is upon us!!!  WHAT!!!

I will post pictures of the original kitchen at a later date, but for now, I will share some of the lovely things that are going to come together and make the new space amazing. 

Pendant lighting, for over what will be my main work
surface.  A peninsula between the kitchen and dining
room.  (buh bye wall that once separated the two rooms).
I shared these slabs in my last post, but I am so excited to actually
get a real life visual on them, when they arrive in Denver next week.
This is the stain of the cabinets, on maple wood, that with are going with. 
Just not this style. Instead we are going with shaker style cabinets and flat panel drawers.
We love this hardware so much, we are using it again.  This picture
is the storage unit we had built in our new mudroom.  I promise I will blog
the cuteness of the mudroom, as soon as my house isn't such a hot mess
(i.e. I don't want to blog it without the ridiculous upholstered cushion my
 mother-in-law made for the mudroom bench, but don't dare put said cushion
in the space, until all the work in the kitchen is complete).
We went with GE Monogram appliances. 
We already know that my middle name should be switched from
'Beth' to 'Bargain' but this appliance search really set the need for that
change, in stone.  I searched, called and brokered some deals to get all of our
appliances at cost.  Seriously.  That little bit of leg work saved us thousands! 
The gas line was hooked up today. 
Ahhhh, this is basically a day to celebrate, in my book. 
While searching for carpet to run up our stairs (side project)
I found some wonderful options with the brand Milliken.  In my research
I found that the brand also creates amazeballs rugs.  I think this rug needs to
be plopped on the wood floors, in the main work area of the kitchen, for cozy feet
and a ridiculous splash of pattern.  Borderline obSESSED.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

The Hunt for the Elusive Countertops...

Who the hellz would have known that a simple search for slabs of stone, that some dude would fashion into counter tops, would turn into the biggest game of cloak and daggar on this side of the pond.

I am barely being dramatic!  For reals, I feel like I know all the stoners (a fun play on words when you live in a place where marajuana is legal) know me and probably are considering blocking my calls.

The simple search for a natural stone that looks like a gorgeous carrara marble, but doesn't wear like said marble (have you researched that stone...holy toledo...you can't make much, other than a reservation, on that stone...it will stain, etch, probably crack if you look at it wrong!).  I digress.  My point (yes, I have a point) is that I have been searching for 4 months for stone and am nearing tears.  I know, I shouldn't get my undies in a bundle over something as inconsequential as stone counters...but please, this is important!!! 

I covet my friend Maggie's counters.  They are lovely, natural stone...totally fooled me into thinking they were marble, but they are quartzite.  Super White Quartzite, to be exact.  I love love love them...just cannot find this stone anywhere!  This stone is one hot potato.  Here's a looksy at Maggie's glorious counters (I stole these images off of instagram, so use your imagination to really see what the whole counter would look like, or just trust me and start drooling right away):

Or...start drooling because Mag's is amazeballs in the kitchen,
 I dream of the things she whips up.  I aspire to be just like her,  when I grow up
(wait, she is younger than me by a few...dammit.)

Well, I have all my fingers and toes crossed that finally the stone of my dreams is coming into Denver next week.  I have had these slabs on hold for over a month, with just the little email picture to go off of.  I really didn't think when I put the hold on them in April I would still be stone-less 5 weeks later, but I am so thankful for my forward thinking of a back up plan.  As the back up plan is officially THE PLAN!

I mean...

Here's a little tidbit I learned in this stone slab search, that I wasn't otherwise aware of:  find a fabricator (the company/individual who will turn the slabs into the work surface) and then start making calls to local stone yards (some have other locations, and will sometimes ship between locations without additional charges).  The reason you want to have a fabricator on hand is that the stone yards do not deal with the public directly on pricing.  Slab prices will be give to the fabricator (annoying yes, but that is how it works).  If, for example, you are searching for a 'super white quartzite' (which I am sure you will, after reading this blog), look at the websites of all the local stone yards and view their inventory online.  If they have some slabs posted, call straight away and ask to put a hold on them (if you have my stone-search-luck the posted slabs will already be on hold for others...over and over and over), but just get as many holds as you can before going out to look at them. This might be more pertinent for people like me, who will be dragging little kids around. 

I will keep you posted as this unfolds.  Ahhhhh, so excited!