Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Kitchen Remodel...the shopping

We moved into our house 8 months ago, and I have been chomping at the bit to take down some walls in the kitchen, to create a more functional space.  My friends, that time is upon us!!!  WHAT!!!

I will post pictures of the original kitchen at a later date, but for now, I will share some of the lovely things that are going to come together and make the new space amazing. 

Pendant lighting, for over what will be my main work
surface.  A peninsula between the kitchen and dining
room.  (buh bye wall that once separated the two rooms).
I shared these slabs in my last post, but I am so excited to actually
get a real life visual on them, when they arrive in Denver next week.
This is the stain of the cabinets, on maple wood, that with are going with. 
Just not this style. Instead we are going with shaker style cabinets and flat panel drawers.
We love this hardware so much, we are using it again.  This picture
is the storage unit we had built in our new mudroom.  I promise I will blog
the cuteness of the mudroom, as soon as my house isn't such a hot mess
(i.e. I don't want to blog it without the ridiculous upholstered cushion my
 mother-in-law made for the mudroom bench, but don't dare put said cushion
in the space, until all the work in the kitchen is complete).
We went with GE Monogram appliances. 
We already know that my middle name should be switched from
'Beth' to 'Bargain' but this appliance search really set the need for that
change, in stone.  I searched, called and brokered some deals to get all of our
appliances at cost.  Seriously.  That little bit of leg work saved us thousands! 
The gas line was hooked up today. 
Ahhhh, this is basically a day to celebrate, in my book. 
While searching for carpet to run up our stairs (side project)
I found some wonderful options with the brand Milliken.  In my research
I found that the brand also creates amazeballs rugs.  I think this rug needs to
be plopped on the wood floors, in the main work area of the kitchen, for cozy feet
and a ridiculous splash of pattern.  Borderline obSESSED.

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