Monday, August 24, 2015

Online Shopping Finds

I am searching for a rug for a girlfriend, and of course come across a thousand different things I am absolutely crazy about.

For starters. these stacking kid chairs!  I love the industrial look of them and would totally pair them with an old table. Hack the legs off a standard size table if you need and distress paint it.  Would look killer with these chairs from Overstock.  Just please don't ever pay a ton for a kid table and chair set (read: one from Pottery Barn Kids).
This mirror.  Don't even get me started.  I am obsessed.  Let's be real, what don't I feel a slight obsession over, from West Elm...but this mirror is top notch ridic.

I am looking to update my farmhouse table.  I dreamed of benches since I was probably 14 (true story), but 10 years in, I am kind of over them.  These chairs are not a 'win' for my update...but they are maj on about 13 levels.  And at this price, on Wayfair, a real option for someone looking to update without breaking the bank.

   I mean, for reals.  2 chairs for $110. 
Other colors too.  The mustard color is 
also a favorite.

I have yet to see a throw blanket from the Faribault Woolen Mill that I don't covet.  It's a real big love.  A 'hometown' (Minnesota) love that always has me excited for what they will produce next.  I love this map blanket.  Folded up it looks like a cool, patterned, geometric throw...but open the blanket up and it is a map of the city of Minneapolis. Love.
Years ago I stumbled upon this simple poster, at one of my favorite little bakeries in Minneapolis.  I still love it. Still think about it. Still try to live my life by these simple words.  Mark my word, SOMEDAY I WILL ACTUALLY OWN THIS PRINT.

THIS.RUG. from Lulu & Georgia. NEED.

Dear Husband, do not worry...I am only 'online browsing and dreaming'  I did not buy one thing.  I repeat, NOT.ONE.THING.  But now, who's with me...these are all pretty amazing, right?