Thursday, June 30, 2016

A Sitting Room

This little area, as you enter our home, was until recently
empty, except for an oversized canvas and wood tent that my in-laws
made for the kiddos when we moved in almost 4 years ago.

Then...I inherited the two chairs shown (see blog post) in the top
 of this photo and that started a snowball effect of:
a. moving tent to the playroom
b. searching for a couch           
        c. oh hell, pulling together this room 

I told the friends who handed down the chairs that the chairs
had become a character in a rewrite of the children's book,
If You Give A Mouse A Cookie, because these chairs 
demanded a couch, then a rug, then a table and on and on!

I hope you enjoy the eclectic little pull together, in my new
favorite room to sit and read.

Foreground: chair, small camp seat
that I picked up for 10 cents at 
a yard sale in Minneapolis.  My
MIL recovered it with a scrap of
awning canvas.  

Background: Coffee table that 
I grew up with, once in a 90s green, 
repainted with a chalk gray.  The wood is old
and rugged and I LOVE IT! This
couch, that I found on craigslist for $10.

When I picked up the craigslist couch, I was nervous it was garbage, 
but it was worth a go, as I would only be out $10. 
I called the company that reupholstered
the chairs, and had them pop out to see
my cheapo couch.  They said the construction
was very strong and sturdy and could be reworked

I had originally purchased a couch for
this room from West Elm.  See link.
When the couch arrived the cushions were
an ill fit and one of the tapered legs was too
short.  I was beyond disappointed with the
craftsmanship, but in love with the fabric.  After
the run around from West Elm, I decided to
return the janky couch and order bulk fabric
from them.  The results...AMAZING!

All this, pulled into one with an oversized
tumbled jute rug that is as soft as can be
and a small rug, under the coffee table that
my sweet friend asked me to love.

One of the chairs responsible for this
madness and a darling foot pouf!

When the upholstery company
came to fetch the couch and fabric
to fix it up, I also sent with an old blanket,
that I also grew up with.  It was always
tucked away as a kid, but I loved it
and was excited when it became mine.
Thick wool, this traditional 'Hudson Bay'
style blanket is super iconic, but upon
close inspection, it had a tear in it and 
a big stain that I could not remove. sat in a cabinet in my home for the last
few years, which felt a shame, so I sent it
to be reworked, with a small drawing of
how I wanted the blanket oriented on a 
foot pouf.  I had this created with firm
foam, so it could double as a seat, if needed. 

Isn't it absolutely darling! 
I am so happy I did this.
It's a good reminder that stuff
serves zero purpose if it is tucked away,
and it you love it, by golly find a way to use it!

I found this sideboard the week we moved into the house, on 
craigslist.  It stores linens for the dining room on one side, and
my kid's craft stuff on the other.  

I can't recall how far back this chair
goes back in my family, but at least as far 
back as my maternal great grandma. 
It is a treasured piece.  

It along with the hand embroidered 
pillow (also dating back to my great grandma),
a coffee sack pillow and a throw blanket that
I bought at Marshalls (I bought the throw for a 
concert, because on the way to the venue we 
realized we had forgotten a it 
makes me happy to look at every single day!)

Oh, did I mention that it took West
Elm nearly 4 months to pick up the
defunct couch?  So annoying!

Here's a nice side by side to see the
West Elm Couch (upper) and the
rework (lower).  You will note
that we decided against buttons
on the seats, as we they are 
dirt collectors and can
get caught on pant
pockets and can tear.

Gaaaaw, this couch!  
Bonus: the rework came in at over $400
less than the West Elm purchase!!!

Worth EVERY (saved) PENNY!