Monday, June 19, 2017

A 'Pay it Forward' Obsession

Oh man, it's been a minute.  Or a month.  Or 4 months.  Really, no one is counting...but I still stress about all the things I mean to blog.  Like...our trip to Morocco 700 years ago.  Our glorious time on the Oregon coast 300 years ago...and of course the gobs of good snaps I got at the 2017 Sundance Film Festival.  I will get my act together, someday (but my someday is quite the relative term, as I started painting my bedroom 2 months ago and am still hovering around 7% completion)...I need someone to sponsor me and send in a professional painter, STAT!  No, for reals.  

But for now, I must share these wonderful blankets I am obsessing over.  Not only the wonderful patterns, but the mission of the company, which gives a blanket to a homeless shelter, for every one sold!  I just love that.  We all need warmth.  We all deserve cozy and cute.  Now, swoon below over the fabulous designs, and do a little something nice for yourself (or blankets always make great gifts) and someone in need. 


TRIBAL Turquoise

CLASSIC Teal/Sunrise 

CLASSIC Orange/Reef 


price points under $125


Thursday, February 2, 2017

Ceiling Fan

 It's the little things, in this the breeze of a ceiling fan while sleeping.  We moved into our house 4 years ago and have worked steadily to make it our home.  Finally, we are getting around to replacing the god awful lucite ceiling fan, without lighting, that resided in our bedroom upon purchase...and we have made work, while we searched for it's replacement. I finally just ordered said replacement, and wanted to share this deal. 


Sonnet - 60" Ceiling Fan with Light Kit - Espresso Finish with Light Oak Blade Finish with White Frost Glass

enter 12% discount code at checkout:

I love me a deal.  

Monday, January 16, 2017

Wing Back Chairs

I just decided I need a pair of wing back chairs for the sitting area in my bedroom.  'Wing back' often screams 'old lady' but I am honoring that little old grandma would resides in my soul and going with it, of course adding modern and whimsical fabrics.  I excitedly boughta pair of chairs on craigslist for $12 each and am now scoping out fabric to have them recovered in.  Yes, they are totally vintage, claw foot and all and I am already obsessed with them...just not in their current, garish state!

Here is what I am thinking of having the chairs recovered in:

I always think of a set of chairs or a couch as a man in a nice suit.  
So, I am all about classic, solid, wearable fabric.  I am not 
too much into flash on a set of chairs or couch...that's where the pillows
come in!

Side note: on a single chair I would throw caution to the wind 
and go funky!  Especially on an old vintage chair that is screaming
for some funk!
 I just can't decide if I wan to go dark or light???

and pillows in these (I like to think of pillows as the 
neck tie accompanying a classic bold) :

 I just love this, and think it will play off our bedding nicely.
Thinking a nice medium sized square pillow

I am totally gaga over this fabric!  I think it will pair
nicely with the pattern above.  Thinking a lumbar 
pillow to sit in front of the square gold/cream fabric.

I literally want to glaze my walls in this pattern!!! 

I am also liking this, but not as much as the birds!

So, I would love your feedback.  Call me, text me, leave me a comment...give me your thoughts.  Then, come spring, come read books and gossip with me in what will be the coziest little nook.  I cannot wait!

Sunday, October 23, 2016

DIY Baby Shower

My sweet friend and neighbor was pregnant with her first baby, so two of her dear friends and I decided to throw a bash to celebrate her and the soon-to-be baby!

Scrabble pieces added to a spring
wreath announce the theme of the party

We put touches of 'baby' all around the areas that guests 
would mingle

 Baby blocks spell out the theme.  Frames filled with baby pictures of the
mom and dad-to-be made this party perfectly personalized.

  It's sweet to imagine what baby might look like

editor's note: I am a blog fail...the baby is way born and SHE IS WAY CUTE.

Vintage baby clothes that once hung above my daughter's bed,
were strung on twine and clipped with small clothespins.

 My sweet Logi wanted to add to the festivities

 Paper pinwheels and flowers.  Very simple,
DIY, decorations for this celebration.

Here's how I made the pinwheels:

I had a lot of scrapbook paper sitting around.
I do not imagine I could scrapbook to save my life, 
but I do love the color options and use the paper often.

When I started thinking about decorations for this party, I 
decided I could probably use the same technique 
I use to make puff pastry pinwheels, out of craft paper.   

 I only had single sided paper paper on hand.
I would imagine (but don't quote me) that
one can purchase these squares of paper
with patterns on both sides.

Since I was working with paper on hand,
I used a glue stick to glue the backs of 
2 pieces of decorative paper together.
I mixed and matched the papers looking
for funky contrast.  

After the glue fully set I cut from the 4 corners
of the paper square leaving about the size of
a half dollar coin in the middle.  The square
turned into 4 triangles of paper, attached at the center. 

I put a dot of hot glue in the center and quickly
folded the right side of each triangle to the center.

How cute are they!! So fun and funky and
OH SO EASY!!!  To cover up the gluey mess
I used random buttons, and an additional dot
of hot glue to secure the button.
How adorable would these be hanging in
a nursery?

 I used a paper punch in one corner of one of the
protruding triangles, then used fish line to hang
them above the dining table and outside on the
porch to help welcome guests to the celebration.

 DIY floral arrangements.  Use what is seasonal, and
just pop them in jars or buckets you have on hand.

Spray roses in spring neutrals and button mums were my go-to 
favorite all spring, so it was a no brainer for this party.  I placed
them in a vintage milk bottle crate.

 The mom-to-be opening presents.  Her sweet
mom (and a couple of aunties were able to fly in
for the celebration)
Mom-to-be with her mama.

 I bought this felt banner in the $3 bin at Target.  It was just the felt 
letters on ribbon, so I dolled it up and with little rounds of burlap and fabric 
(a few layers, held together with a decorative brad).  
I then glued the circles on the store bought banner.

 We of course threw it down with the delcious
spread of food.  I will blog that at a later date...

goal: before baby turns 1


Thursday, June 30, 2016

A Sitting Room

This little area, as you enter our home, was until recently
empty, except for an oversized canvas and wood tent that my in-laws
made for the kiddos when we moved in almost 4 years ago.

Then...I inherited the two chairs shown (see blog post) in the top
 of this photo and that started a snowball effect of:
a. moving tent to the playroom
b. searching for a couch           
        c. oh hell, pulling together this room 

I told the friends who handed down the chairs that the chairs
had become a character in a rewrite of the children's book,
If You Give A Mouse A Cookie, because these chairs 
demanded a couch, then a rug, then a table and on and on!

I hope you enjoy the eclectic little pull together, in my new
favorite room to sit and read.

Foreground: chair, small camp seat
that I picked up for 10 cents at 
a yard sale in Minneapolis.  My
MIL recovered it with a scrap of
awning canvas.  

Background: Coffee table that 
I grew up with, once in a 90s green, 
repainted with a chalk gray.  The wood is old
and rugged and I LOVE IT! This
couch, that I found on craigslist for $10.

When I picked up the craigslist couch, I was nervous it was garbage, 
but it was worth a go, as I would only be out $10. 
I called the company that reupholstered
the chairs, and had them pop out to see
my cheapo couch.  They said the construction
was very strong and sturdy and could be reworked

I had originally purchased a couch for
this room from West Elm.  See link.
When the couch arrived the cushions were
an ill fit and one of the tapered legs was too
short.  I was beyond disappointed with the
craftsmanship, but in love with the fabric.  After
the run around from West Elm, I decided to
return the janky couch and order bulk fabric
from them.  The results...AMAZING!

All this, pulled into one with an oversized
tumbled jute rug that is as soft as can be
and a small rug, under the coffee table that
my sweet friend asked me to love.

One of the chairs responsible for this
madness and a darling foot pouf!

When the upholstery company
came to fetch the couch and fabric
to fix it up, I also sent with an old blanket,
that I also grew up with.  It was always
tucked away as a kid, but I loved it
and was excited when it became mine.
Thick wool, this traditional 'Hudson Bay'
style blanket is super iconic, but upon
close inspection, it had a tear in it and 
a big stain that I could not remove. sat in a cabinet in my home for the last
few years, which felt a shame, so I sent it
to be reworked, with a small drawing of
how I wanted the blanket oriented on a 
foot pouf.  I had this created with firm
foam, so it could double as a seat, if needed. 

Isn't it absolutely darling! 
I am so happy I did this.
It's a good reminder that stuff
serves zero purpose if it is tucked away,
and it you love it, by golly find a way to use it!

I found this sideboard the week we moved into the house, on 
craigslist.  It stores linens for the dining room on one side, and
my kid's craft stuff on the other.  

I can't recall how far back this chair
goes back in my family, but at least as far 
back as my maternal great grandma. 
It is a treasured piece.  

It along with the hand embroidered 
pillow (also dating back to my great grandma),
a coffee sack pillow and a throw blanket that
I bought at Marshalls (I bought the throw for a 
concert, because on the way to the venue we 
realized we had forgotten a it 
makes me happy to look at every single day!)

Oh, did I mention that it took West
Elm nearly 4 months to pick up the
defunct couch?  So annoying!

Here's a nice side by side to see the
West Elm Couch (upper) and the
rework (lower).  You will note
that we decided against buttons
on the seats, as we they are 
dirt collectors and can
get caught on pant
pockets and can tear.

Gaaaaw, this couch!  
Bonus: the rework came in at over $400
less than the West Elm purchase!!!

Worth EVERY (saved) PENNY!


Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Union Station Denver

My hubby had a birthday last week.  He spent his birthday morning and afternoon skiing (how royally great to be able to ski on a random Friday off in May, which happens to be your birthday...because Mary Jane extended the ski season 2 extra weeks!), then we headed out for 24 hours. I planned our short adventure just 20 minutes away from our house at the newly renovated  Union Station in Denver.

 I thought it would be fun to spend our 24 kid-free hours checking out 
Union Station, because 4 years ago (can it really be that long ago?)
this was our view, for our first 5 months in Colorado.  .

 The Crawford Hotel is right inside the station.  Lovely!

The room we stayed in was so cozy, and it was fun to be staying
right were all the action was, since our trip was so quick.

 Terminal Bar had a wide array of local beers, cocktails and light fare.  

 We sat on the Terminal Bar patio for an hour, sampling beers 
(I still hate beer) and took in some amazing people watching.

 Shuffle board.

 The art deco details throughout Union Station were nearly too much
for my heart.  I loved every corner.  This is a snap of the bar
on the mezzanine level, just above the Terminal Bar.

 Interior of one of the many restaurants onsite, Stoic & Genuine
This restaurant was not an option for me, because of my fake
seafood allergy, but check out the sick interior.  In love.
There is zero chance you will leave Union Station hungry.

 After dinner, we popped into Milkbox Ice Creamery, inside 
Union Station.  They serve Little Man ice cream, which is
about the best thing ever (and we used to walk to Little Man, just across 
the river from our apartment that overlooked Union Station)!  
We took our ice cream outside and sat by the fountains. 
I quickly decided I need to plan a day trip down with the kids, 
via the light rail because they would
love to run through the water (the restaurants along the linear
fountains have towels for guests to dry off, perfection!)

 After ice cream, I marveled once more at the
interior design inside the station.  I also
contemplated ways to shove this chair in
my backpack.  I then wish I had packed
like Lane from Gilmore Girls, when she
headed back to Korea! See below.

 We headed to bed and I slept like a bug in a fancy rug
buried in all the cozy blankets that adorned the bed.

The next morning, we woke up and stumbled down
the stairs right into Snooze Eatery.  I mean,
could it get any better than that!  There is
always a wait at Snooze, but on this cool
morning, no one wanted to sit outside, but 
we kids with our Minnesota blood pumping, 
took a table out there and it was glorious!

 Zac and I shared the breakfast pot pie
(helloooo rosemary sausage gravy and 
puff pastry. Wanna get married?)
and the OMG! French Toast.

The mascarpone stuffed french toast was 
topped with vanilla crème, salted caramel, fresh 
strawberries and toasted coconut.  Ridiculous! 

We walked around downtown until the wind 
shifted and brought rain, but that was the
perfect excuse to go crawl back into bed until
we got the boot at check out.  

So...the short story is: