Monday, January 16, 2017

Wing Back Chairs

I just decided I need a pair of wing back chairs for the sitting area in my bedroom.  'Wing back' often screams 'old lady' but I am honoring that little old grandma would resides in my soul and going with it, of course adding modern and whimsical fabrics.  I excitedly boughta pair of chairs on craigslist for $12 each and am now scoping out fabric to have them recovered in.  Yes, they are totally vintage, claw foot and all and I am already obsessed with them...just not in their current, garish state!

Here is what I am thinking of having the chairs recovered in:

I always think of a set of chairs or a couch as a man in a nice suit.  
So, I am all about classic, solid, wearable fabric.  I am not 
too much into flash on a set of chairs or couch...that's where the pillows
come in!

Side note: on a single chair I would throw caution to the wind 
and go funky!  Especially on an old vintage chair that is screaming
for some funk!
 I just can't decide if I wan to go dark or light???

and pillows in these (I like to think of pillows as the 
neck tie accompanying a classic bold) :

 I just love this, and think it will play off our bedding nicely.
Thinking a nice medium sized square pillow

I am totally gaga over this fabric!  I think it will pair
nicely with the pattern above.  Thinking a lumbar 
pillow to sit in front of the square gold/cream fabric.

I literally want to glaze my walls in this pattern!!! 

I am also liking this, but not as much as the birds!

So, I would love your feedback.  Call me, text me, leave me a comment...give me your thoughts.  Then, come spring, come read books and gossip with me in what will be the coziest little nook.  I cannot wait!

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