Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Union Station Denver

My hubby had a birthday last week.  He spent his birthday morning and afternoon skiing (how royally great to be able to ski on a random Friday off in May, which happens to be your birthday...because Mary Jane extended the ski season 2 extra weeks!), then we headed out for 24 hours. I planned our short adventure just 20 minutes away from our house at the newly renovated  Union Station in Denver.

 I thought it would be fun to spend our 24 kid-free hours checking out 
Union Station, because 4 years ago (can it really be that long ago?)
this was our view, for our first 5 months in Colorado.  .

 The Crawford Hotel is right inside the station.  Lovely!

The room we stayed in was so cozy, and it was fun to be staying
right were all the action was, since our trip was so quick.

 Terminal Bar had a wide array of local beers, cocktails and light fare.  

 We sat on the Terminal Bar patio for an hour, sampling beers 
(I still hate beer) and took in some amazing people watching.

 Shuffle board.

 The art deco details throughout Union Station were nearly too much
for my heart.  I loved every corner.  This is a snap of the bar
on the mezzanine level, just above the Terminal Bar.

 Interior of one of the many restaurants onsite, Stoic & Genuine
This restaurant was not an option for me, because of my fake
seafood allergy, but check out the sick interior.  In love.
There is zero chance you will leave Union Station hungry.

 After dinner, we popped into Milkbox Ice Creamery, inside 
Union Station.  They serve Little Man ice cream, which is
about the best thing ever (and we used to walk to Little Man, just across 
the river from our apartment that overlooked Union Station)!  
We took our ice cream outside and sat by the fountains. 
I quickly decided I need to plan a day trip down with the kids, 
via the light rail because they would
love to run through the water (the restaurants along the linear
fountains have towels for guests to dry off, perfection!)

 After ice cream, I marveled once more at the
interior design inside the station.  I also
contemplated ways to shove this chair in
my backpack.  I then wish I had packed
like Lane from Gilmore Girls, when she
headed back to Korea! See below.

 We headed to bed and I slept like a bug in a fancy rug
buried in all the cozy blankets that adorned the bed.

The next morning, we woke up and stumbled down
the stairs right into Snooze Eatery.  I mean,
could it get any better than that!  There is
always a wait at Snooze, but on this cool
morning, no one wanted to sit outside, but 
we kids with our Minnesota blood pumping, 
took a table out there and it was glorious!

 Zac and I shared the breakfast pot pie
(helloooo rosemary sausage gravy and 
puff pastry. Wanna get married?)
and the OMG! French Toast.

The mascarpone stuffed french toast was 
topped with vanilla crème, salted caramel, fresh 
strawberries and toasted coconut.  Ridiculous! 

We walked around downtown until the wind 
shifted and brought rain, but that was the
perfect excuse to go crawl back into bed until
we got the boot at check out.  

So...the short story is: