Sunday, June 2, 2013

The Hunt for the Elusive Countertops...

Who the hellz would have known that a simple search for slabs of stone, that some dude would fashion into counter tops, would turn into the biggest game of cloak and daggar on this side of the pond.

I am barely being dramatic!  For reals, I feel like I know all the stoners (a fun play on words when you live in a place where marajuana is legal) know me and probably are considering blocking my calls.

The simple search for a natural stone that looks like a gorgeous carrara marble, but doesn't wear like said marble (have you researched that stone...holy can't make much, other than a reservation, on that will stain, etch, probably crack if you look at it wrong!).  I digress.  My point (yes, I have a point) is that I have been searching for 4 months for stone and am nearing tears.  I know, I shouldn't get my undies in a bundle over something as inconsequential as stone counters...but please, this is important!!! 

I covet my friend Maggie's counters.  They are lovely, natural stone...totally fooled me into thinking they were marble, but they are quartzite.  Super White Quartzite, to be exact.  I love love love them...just cannot find this stone anywhere!  This stone is one hot potato.  Here's a looksy at Maggie's glorious counters (I stole these images off of instagram, so use your imagination to really see what the whole counter would look like, or just trust me and start drooling right away):

Or...start drooling because Mag's is amazeballs in the kitchen,
 I dream of the things she whips up.  I aspire to be just like her,  when I grow up
(wait, she is younger than me by a few...dammit.)

Well, I have all my fingers and toes crossed that finally the stone of my dreams is coming into Denver next week.  I have had these slabs on hold for over a month, with just the little email picture to go off of.  I really didn't think when I put the hold on them in April I would still be stone-less 5 weeks later, but I am so thankful for my forward thinking of a back up plan.  As the back up plan is officially THE PLAN!

I mean...

Here's a little tidbit I learned in this stone slab search, that I wasn't otherwise aware of:  find a fabricator (the company/individual who will turn the slabs into the work surface) and then start making calls to local stone yards (some have other locations, and will sometimes ship between locations without additional charges).  The reason you want to have a fabricator on hand is that the stone yards do not deal with the public directly on pricing.  Slab prices will be give to the fabricator (annoying yes, but that is how it works).  If, for example, you are searching for a 'super white quartzite' (which I am sure you will, after reading this blog), look at the websites of all the local stone yards and view their inventory online.  If they have some slabs posted, call straight away and ask to put a hold on them (if you have my stone-search-luck the posted slabs will already be on hold for others...over and over and over), but just get as many holds as you can before going out to look at them. This might be more pertinent for people like me, who will be dragging little kids around. 

I will keep you posted as this unfolds.  Ahhhhh, so excited!

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