Sunday, May 26, 2013


Today was perfect.  A perfect Sunday of this holiday weekend, spent with most of my family, in Minnesota.

I flew home to Minnesota a couple weeks ago, and am so thankful we still have a full week left to soak up every bit of home.  Why yes, I have lived away from home (my mom's home, on the river, in central Minnesota) for nearly 10 years (14 if I count my college years in Northern Minnesota) but I still call it 'home'. 

This trip home is such a mixed bag of emotions as my mom is preparing to sell the house I grew up in (the house she built, on a year sabbatical from the college she taught at, at that time, when I was little) and move the house she planned on 'snow birding' to in Arizona.  This makes me sad, as home continues to be my favorite place.  The backyard, more than anything.  Through the years whenever I have been asked about the place I go to in my mind (whether it be for the visualization of peace, safety or happiness) it is usually the plush grass of the backyard that I have played in, danced in, slept in, ran in and even got married in.  Wow.  I am sad.  It isn't tragic, but at times the realization that 'coming home' will never be the same is just to much to think about. 

Today there was a chill in the air all day (which I am always game for) and we spent the greater chunk of it running around outside.  chasing, kicking the soccer ball (until my niece, Avree, accidentally drop kicked it into the river), grilling out and picking lilacs, which are blooming late this season (I personally like to think they waited for my arrival).  I will miss this place so.  I am going to soak up every minute of all my favorite nooks throughout the house and spend as much time as possible out back listening to the river and taking it all in.

I will do a proper 'home' blog, when I return to Colorado and can put together some pics...but for now I will just enjoy every bit of my favorite place, and squeeze in some new memories with my littles. 

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