Sunday, May 12, 2013

Preschool Class Photos. Are you ready to giggle???

 A mom from preschool called me the other day to ask if I had logged on to see the preschool photos, that had been taken the week before.  I hadn't.  She told me that Logan's picture was very funny.  How right she was, I can't stop smiling when I look at this picture of my sweet little 3 year old.  This is her, in a nutshell (Superman t-shirt and all)!

 Logan Elizabeth, age 3 
She is hilarious.  She asks a lot of questions.
She is so very sweet to her baby brother, Benny.
She loves to run, jump, play catch, kick the
soccer ball, read books and watch 'toonies'.

 She can also be kind of serious.  And by serious I mean 'girl can
seriously strike a JC Penney's photo studio pose like non other'!

 I love that the class photos were actually taken outside, verses the
drop screen 'outside scene' we are all too familiar with
(cue the painted fall foliage scene...that kills me!)
These are the days I treasure (although I have said that since the day
she was born), I just love my little sweets.  She gives me a run for
my money, most days, but I wouldn't have it any other way!

Logan and Benny make today what it is, a wonderful and blessed
Mother's Day!

Is it just me, or does Ellen need the top photo for a segment?

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