Saturday, February 11, 2012

Writing (LOVE) on the the wall!

Grab a black and a red dry erase marker (borrow from work for the day, if you must) and get a writing on your glass front picture frames.  I took a few minutes to walk through a couple of rooms and marked a little LOVE on some of my favorite pictures.  

 I found a great resource for old photos of Oregon, when we
were living out there.  A man bought a barn, and there was a
trunk full of photograph negatives, in said barn. 
So, homeboy made a killing selling prints of the photos.  

We are all well aware that I love films and Sundance.
Probably one of my favorite times of the year!

Even though I thoroughly destroyed my knee skiing
last year, I still love it (and can't wait to get back out there!)

My friends, Adam & Jade, took these pictures at the
Minnesota State Fair, and framed them up for me.
(I may have a tiny sweet tooth!)

Traveled to London a couple of times in college,
best memories.
One day I hope to live up there again. 

A beautiful moment in Waterville, Ireland as a storm
was rolling in.  This is the same cutesy town were
we went to a bar and I asked if I could go behind the bar
 and pull Guinness for everyone.  Ahh, memories!

My little sweets!


  1. Of course you asked to pull Guiness for everyone! Love it! And, love this idea!

  2. I am going to do this, right now! So clever!


  3. We made a new recipe yesterday and the sauce did not turn out as planned. I said "I wish there was a picture of what it was supposed to look like throughout the cooking process". Then I thought of you and how you always have step-by-step pictures. I appreciate it and think that is how you should market your inevitable cook/craft book.
    Also, I wanna red sharpie your blog today!