Monday, July 22, 2013

Kitchen Island

I do not have my blogging act together yet.  One (me) can hope that will happen very soon.  Until that time, please forgive me for the brief posts.  I still pinch myself when I walk into our new kitchen.  I really can't wait to snap pictures of the space and share it with you all, but it awaits a back splash, which is imperative for this reveal.  For now, just a little sneaky peek of the sink and faucet, which I am obsessed with.  The sink is large and deep, which is perfect for stashing the biggest load of dirty dishes, when I get in over my head in a bake feel me? 

Large under mount sink and industrial steel faucet are just the
right size for this large work surface covered in the super white
quartzite stone.  Obsessed.

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