Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Sundance Film Festival 2014, part 4

Good Lawdy!  I am a day late and a dollar short on knocking out my Sundance adventures.  My new goal: complete 2014 festival review, in 2014.  Go me!

It's been so long, I have to pause and look back where I finished up last...maj fail!

they 1) have acne and 2) can be wicked adorable and yet look
horrible in a photo!  Victory (especially today, as I sit after a couple
days of food poisoning, looking like the bottom of a tennis shoe).

Shailene Woodley (said to be the next big thing, thanks to Divergent) was
in town to promote the film White Bird in a Blizzard, which I had the 
pleasure of seeing, so more on that later!!! 

BOOO HISSSS!  Elijah Wood is always
bringing ciggies to the festival.  He is so cute and
tiny, and I sure hope he gets carded for said cigs 
every single time.  I snapped this outside the historic
Egyptian Theater, where we attempted to see the
midnight showing of Cooties, mainly because of the ridiculous
cast!  Seriously, click on the Cooties link a row up and 
read the talent involved!

Molly Shannon!!!  I was wicked excited to see her
and really wanted to ask if she was 50, 5-0...(ya know that one, right?)

Mark Ruffalo, what a sexy beast!

Can we have a moment?  Could Diane Kruger
be anymore flawless?  AND...that b word is
dating Charlie from the Mighty Ducks, as if!

As Bill Hader walked by, my friend told him how
good he was looking.  He literally paused, looked
about for another Bill, then thanked her...haaaa.
Looooove him!

I snapped her picture, as I knew I recognized her...
then all the paparazzi asked me who it was.  I said,
I can't remember, but i know it will come to me.
2 days later I was all, IT'S THE CHICK FROM 
COLOR??? Her name is Morgan Saylor, for
all the paparazzi (none) that read my blog and are 
still wondering. 

Miles Teller.  So excited to see his festival award
winning film, Whiplash.

Shiloh Fernandez.  At the festival to promote

Molly Shannon & Cheryl Hines, in town to promote Life After Beth.

Elizabeth Olsen, who I consider to be the QUEEN OF INDIE (or
the Olsen sister who can act, if you want to join in and be a b word
with me).  If I had posted this in a timely fashion I would have said
Elizabeth Olsen and her boyfriend, but since it is one hundred years 
later I have to edit said original thought as this is now her fiance

Shailene Woodley.

Katie Couric in town as a producer to promote
the documentary Fed Up.

 Thank you, US Weekly scholarly journal, without your help
I would have never known that Cheryl Hines dates Robert Kennedy Jr.

Sam Huntington, at the festival to promote Three Night Stand

 I still don't watch Game of Thrones, but
I know many of you are maj fans of this dude,

Okay, I will be back with more. 
I think I can cram the rest into one more post, and have decided that
 I win a maj prize if I knock the next one out before the month ends!!! 
 I accept this challenge.

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