Monday, June 8, 2015

In the Backyard

Our house backs up to a park.  It has been such a big blessing as we walk down there throughout the day for biking, monkey bars, soccer in the field, yada yada.  The park as provided even more excitement in the last couple of weeks as we have had some exciting visitors.

First we were excited to welcome this old lady to the hood. 
 I was extra excited to see her because Logi and I saw a moose 
last summer in town and Zac asked me at least 50 times,  
are you sure it wasn't an elk?  
 Really, a moose looks nothing like an elk.  Cow, maybe?

Then tonight, I was bringing things into the kitchen from dinner, while
the kids were still out on the deck and Logi and Benny started yelling
for me to grab the camera.  I thought maybe ol' lady moose was back,
but instead we were excited to wave at a paraglider overhead.  

We quickly realized he was circling the park, for a land.  
Benny was screaming in excitement. 

 North Table Mountain as a backdrop.  
Seriously, this looks fake, right?

 Coming in for a landing!

Logi was so very excited to go talk to him, as
she really wants to learn to paraglide when she 
is bigger.  She made me promise to ask him
if he could land for her birthday party in August.
Love her.

Happy Summer!  May the exciting visitors out back continue!

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