Friday, July 10, 2015

The Tooth Fairy Paid a Visit!

 I said to Logi, 'smile big, so we can see your missing teeth'.
Benny wanted in on the action!

Rite of Passage up in here tonight.  The Tooth Fairy graced us with her presence.  We have been prepping for her arrival for nearly a month, during which time I have fielded some funny questions: Will she mind if I sleep with the light on? Do you think she will leave me a little money for the arcade?  Does she know I like the arcade?  Can we go to the arcade in that tiny town again?  Will she visit Benny when he is bigger?  Do you think she would want a snack? Is she real? (ugh, last question hit me in the gut, as she is 5 and I want her to believe in all things magical. Of course, some turd in Kindergarten mentioned the fallacy of said fairy...but I continue to just remind her that we have to believe in the magic).

We knew this visit was upon us, as she had a seperate procedure scheduled with the dentist today, and he had given her a solid month to get her two front, very wiggly, teeth out or he would pull them while he had her mouth good and numbed up for the other procedure.  Subsequently, I told her I would pay her half of what the dentist was going to charge, if she could get them out before she saw him again.  No takers.

So we walked out of the dentist's office, with my little Logi looking so very much like a big kid (a big kid playing the part of a jack-o-latern, even better)!

 She has been dreaming of this for months! Goodness, remember
when life was so simple?  Reminds me to be mindful of looking
forward to simple things in life with such exuberance! 

Oh and yes, she totally ate pizza after her bath so went to bed with
wet hair and a face covered in sauce.

She will be excited to wake to find that in the place of her two 
teeth there is a book, a 'hour glass' teeth brushing timer, and a 
small bag of coins (for the arcade, of course).

Please Time, I beg of you...SLOW DOWN!



  1. I'm happy that the dentist dealt with your daughter's teeth quite patiently. Otherwise, forcing it would’ve been fairly painful to her, and could lead to a fear of going to the dentist altogether. Anyway, it seems that she got a lot of goodies in exchange for those two teeth. I hope she was very happy with what she got. Good day!

    Brian Derrick @ Falls Park Dentistry

  2. That is absolutely cute! I personally like that the tooth fairy's thoughtful enough to leave something that'll aid your little one a lot in her brushing. That hour glass timer would certainly come in handy real soon.

    Byron Kennedy @ A+ Family Dentistry