Sunday, September 20, 2015

2015 Sundance Film Festival, Part 3

I mean for reals, can I get a holla!!!  No, for reals, holla I am finishing up our Sundance Film Festival adventures from...ahem...just a tiny bit ago...Whatever, year I will make you help.  I feel certain this morning started with a stop for lattes at our most favzy little coffee shop in Park City, The Java Cow and as usual we hit the ground running in search of all things celebrity! 

Adam Scott.  I was super excited to ask when
season 2 of  Tell Me You Love Me, would premiere 
even though it hasn't been on for like 8 years, I just 
hopefully assumed it was on hiatus.  He had to break
the news to me that the show was canceled.  Womp Womp.
Netflix season one (assuming it is on Netflix, no clue)

Anyhoo, I know my homies love him on Parks & Rec.
He was at the festival to promote the buzzed about film,
Sleeping With Other People.

What the heck is Chris Pine in?  Who cares, he 
was annoying.  I am not going to even Google him.

 Connie Britton.  Stunning.  Her hair was flawless. 
I do not watch Nashville, but I hear she's on it.
I also hear she was on Friday Night Lights. I actually
didn't hear that, I totes read it in US Weekly at one point.

In town to promote Me and Earl and the Dying Girl.

Gina Rodriquez and Hailee Steinfeld
Besties, I assume.

 Zoe Kravitz.  Of course she is flawless, look at her
parents!!  Just...please don't...look at her dad's 
too tight pants split on stage, that shiz went viral.

Jason Sudeikis.  More often than not, it's the SNL
alums that prove to be our favorites at Sundance,
and that was of course true with him.  Presh.

Yes, he was our favorite.  Hands down.  Even in this most wildly
overexposed photo, are you wondering why my chin is buried in all
things scarf?  The world's biggest zit.  Like, it is being researched
by the doctors who brought us Proactiv.

 James Franco.  Freaks and Geeks was a favzy!

Man, I don't think I like anything Tobey Maguire
has been in either.  This is sure turning negative.

Although his hat is about the stupidest thing I have ever
seen in my whole life  (I swear, I am about to change
my tune), who doesn't love them some RHOBH
husband Mauricio!  Amanda and I were so excited
to see him and ask where Kyle was at (shopping, of course)
No worries, we saw them that night at a party (Amanda
wouldn't let me bring my camera to the party...she's
def the brains of the operation) but we talked all things RHOBH
with pint size Kyle Richards at the party, and it was fabulous.
Then at the end of the party we thought they were nearly as
stupid as this here hat, when they cut the line to hop a shuttle out.
We were totally on their shuttle (so, yay for cutting) and
got to listen to them argue the whole ride down.
This my friends, was heaven to the ears of two 
Bravo TV sluts Amanda and me.

 Thank the good lord above I DO LOVE KEVIN BACON.
May my negative spin take the effing back seat instead of
the wheel for a bit. Of course, I wanted to footloose for
him...but I didn't.  Instead I told him that I once saw him in
Costa Rica and that I told my husband I was thinking about
footloosing for him and that my husband informed me
he would leave me at customs, without a passport,
if I did. This was clearly snapped before I shared
that story (from my honeymoon, ahem...nice husband)
as I am certain he was rolling on the sidewalk after
my storytelling.

We geeked out!  Then, we googled his name.
We loved him on Homeland, but then after
googling him realized he acted in Life of Pi.

Love Love Love
Jeffrey "there's money in the banana stand" Tambor.
He is a legend in my books.

I also love Kathryn Hahn!!!

 Peter Sarsgaard. I may have been eating an ice
cream cone when I snapped this.  That garnered
the thumbs up.

 Lena Dunham!  I think most straight men think
she is the most ridiculous thing to grace HBO
(opinion, clearly not fact...other than my 
research subject: husband)

I looooove her!

Mindy Kaling! She is brilliant!

Scott Mescudi "Kid Cudi" is clearly one
dapper dude.

Molly Shannon.  Once again, SNL alums are
always the nicest!!

Rashida Jones.  I think she is brilliant.  We saw
her later that night at a party and while we roasted
1300 marshmallows she had zero.  This my friends,
is why she is the size of my 6 year old.  Who on
earth, in real life, can sit by an open fire, with a
ginormous s'mores bar set up with absolutely
anything you could ever imagine smushing between
two graham crackers...and have not a one!?!

 Toni Collette

If you didn't heavily quote Muriel's Wedding in the 90s,
we probably weren't friends at that time.
Tom Cavanagh.
I haven't a clue what he has been up to since Ed and
Scrubs left the airwaves...but those shows super boss.

A late night out and a next morning early screening
a coffee to go, on the theater shuttle.
 Ryan Reynolds. No comment. Well, actually...he
did look a wee bit manorexic.
 Be still my (college) heart.  Ewan McGregor.

As much as I adore Lena Dunham, homegirl
needs a stylist.  She looked a wreck.
Johnny Knoxville, producer of the documentary
Being Evel which was award winning, at the festival.

I excitedly snapped this pic of a pirate man, who is
called Jason Momoa because some of my girlfriends
love him on a show.  Fun fact: in googling the spelling
of his name, I come to find out he is married to
the one and only, Denise Huxtable. Which then
makes him stepdad to Zoe Kravitz. Here's me 
guessing he is closer in age to his stepdaughter, than
he is his wife???
 Sarah Silverman.  I'd be waving too, if I was wearing
two (because one down jacket would just be absurd)
new-free of charge-jackets.

Well, that's a wrap!  I will try (no I won't) to be
more timely with photo sharing next festival. 

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