Friday, November 20, 2015

All I Want For Christmas!

With age comes loads of I right, or AM I RIGHT?  Dreams of  a new blender, maybe a good book (or 20 minutes of quiet to read said book)...grown up problems.

I never need for anything, but I am sharing a few things I am obsessing over, as you might want to add one or two of these treasured ideas to you list of wants!!  That is, if you make the good list!

Beauty is the Inner Fire

I am OBSESSED with the works created by artist
 Adam Swanson. His talent is beyond measure, sprinkled
 the the perfect (lots) amount of quirk. I just haven't been 
able to decide which one I covet the most.  This is one of my
favorite paintings of the aerial lift bridge in Duluth, MN.  
Fantastic, right!

Here are a few more that I just love:

Building Blocks 

 Rhythm and Wind 

 Headed Home

Let's be real, I want so so many!  Like nothing I have ever seen!
Someday, a few of his pieces will be mine.

When am I not going crazy for a throw blanket?
When am I not going crazy for Faribault Woolen Mills creations? a classic buffalo check plaid, sign me up!

Two of these chairs, please.  I mean, for reals.

 These boots.  Glacy Explorer by Sorel.

I think I might actually ask Santa for this, as I have now officially
wanted to have this for far too long.

I really want a little succulent 'garden' for my kitchen counter this winter.
I have one from last spring, in a Mason jar on my counter and it makes
me so happy.  I want a few more.

Big Dreams Here, People!!
Ho Ho Ho.

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