Monday, June 19, 2017

A 'Pay it Forward' Obsession

Oh man, it's been a minute.  Or a month.  Or 4 months.  Really, no one is counting...but I still stress about all the things I mean to blog.  Like...our trip to Morocco 700 years ago.  Our glorious time on the Oregon coast 300 years ago...and of course the gobs of good snaps I got at the 2017 Sundance Film Festival.  I will get my act together, someday (but my someday is quite the relative term, as I started painting my bedroom 2 months ago and am still hovering around 7% completion)...I need someone to sponsor me and send in a professional painter, STAT!  No, for reals.  

But for now, I must share these wonderful blankets I am obsessing over.  Not only the wonderful patterns, but the mission of the company, which gives a blanket to a homeless shelter, for every one sold!  I just love that.  We all need warmth.  We all deserve cozy and cute.  Now, swoon below over the fabulous designs, and do a little something nice for yourself (or blankets always make great gifts) and someone in need. 


TRIBAL Turquoise

CLASSIC Teal/Sunrise 

CLASSIC Orange/Reef 


price points under $125