Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Quilts: old and new

Beautiful quilts!  Very old and new!

My in-laws (whom I adore) just arrived in town from Minnesota and with them they brought the beautiful new quilt that my ma-in-law whipped up from fabrics I picked nearly 3 years ago.  The reason the project began was that I am nearly obsessed with this vintage quilt that my mama handed down to me.  It is worn and very tattered, but it steals a bit of my heart every time I look at it. 

The old beauty is so tattered that it is no longer used for snuggling,
instead it is used to adorn the table when I throw together a fantastic picnic party or such...

Close up of the new quilt.  I really tried to capture a
feeling of old with the fabric I selected. 

Obsessed, already!

Old beauty.  I love the worn out feel of the fabrics,
just not in love with the actual holes and tatters.  Sad face.

Old and new...and both just cute as pie!  As soon as Logan makes her way into a
'big girl bed', this treasure will grace her bed. 


  1. Precious-what treasure for all time!


  2. I love the fabrics you picked for the new quilt it does have a vintage look. It's great that your mother-in-law could make that for you. I also love when people take favorite baby clothes or favorite t-shirts and use the fabric from those to make quilts. I think it makes a great keepsake.

  3. I love the quilts Tia! I have some very old ones myself. Unfortunately one of the dogs liked an old favorite too. Log cabin variation it looks like. You have some wonderful treasures!

  4. Beyond gorgeous! So very eclectic and YOU!!!

  5. I love your taste in fabrics! You really captured the vintage look with it. Looks like some sort of Log Cabin design - looks like your dear MIL used the exact same pattern! How sweet!

  6. You are so lucky to have such a wonderful mom-in-law to do something like that for you, I share your love of old vintage quilts. It is beautiful!