Thursday, May 3, 2012

For the love of SEA GLASS

I don't fancy myself a collector...well, other that my small obsession with cake stands (we'll address that at a later date) and sea glass.  I have been loving and collecting sea glass for half of my life, and I still feel a flutter in my stomach when I find a piece of glass that is worn down from the sand and waves.  It really is the little things in life, when I think of my sea glass collection. 

While studying abroad in Western Australia, I was lucky enough
to spend a weekend with friends watching the Solomon Masters
surf competition in Margaret River.  The competition brought in the world's
greatest surfers, so it was a crazy experience.  One evening, after the surfers
were out of the water from their events, I watched a storm roll in and didn't
notice the lone surfer sitting on on his board, on the beach until I developed
the film.  I love that the little vessel of glass and the piece of 
driftwood are the treasures I returned with.

When we were living in Oregon, we headed to the coast
were Zac surfed Devils Punch Bowl and I looked for
treasures on the beach.  I only found 2 pieces of glass, which
paired nicely with the tiny piece of driftwood I also scored
(the photo I hung this little guy under is a vintage Oregon Surf
Club picture, that was taken at the Punch Bowl, or nearby).
My sister-in-love,  taught me how to make sea glass mobiles
in high school.  All that is required is fishing line, a sturdy chunk
of driftwood and the sea glass treasures you collect. 

I have a couple of containers in our house, where I drop pieces on
find when we are out exploring. It is really a bucket of memories! 
 My sweet husband even proposed to me while we were scoring
a beach along Lake Superior.

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  1. I love your style! Write a book!