Thursday, May 24, 2012

Tie Dye Frosing. OMG.

I am one of those crazy pregger ladies who needs to sleep with a notepad by my bed, because I wake up several times in the night thinking about something I need to get done.  One night, a few weeks ago, I woke with some new ideas for the Sweetsy Bar (TM) (I don't have a trademark, but totes need one, huh!) I was setting up for my dear friend's daughter's party (who also happens to be the sweetest little 3 year old I know, and the best friend to my little sweets). 

Notepad in hand I wrote down the makings of Funky-Fetti (My spin on the good o' box of Funfetti cake) cupcakes with (drum roll please)...Tie Dye Frosting.  In my head it was fantastic, but I didn't know if it would actually work, until I executed it (oh, like 20 minutes before we rushed out the door to the party.  No big deal). 

OMG.  presh-fest 2012...

First, you need to make my no fail buttercream frosting
It is ridiculously easy and oh so tasty! I then sectioned off
a bit of frosting in 3 bowls and added food color gel (primary colors)
Side note: a (very) little goes a long way in the color gel department.

I loaded a pastry bag, sliding the 3 colors into the bag
in 3 sections with as much order as I could manage.  As you can see
in the photo, it was a borderline hot mess (bhm), but view on...
this bhm went on to do some pretty amazing things

Stop it, huh!  I mean, really?  I still can't stand it!

The Funky-fetti cupcakes, with a few
of the other goodies that made their
way to the Sweetsy Bar (TM).

Can someone go ahead and (TM) that bad boy for me? 


  1. So creative! Thanks for sharing your new creation with us!!


  2. I want to crawl in your brain, for a day!


  3. Just made these for my ladies night tonight!