Monday, October 29, 2012

A Room with a View

We just finished up our first week of sleeps at our new home in Golden.  It has been a whirlwind of a week (I do not recommend, if possible, moving with little ones...yikes!).  I am so excited to be here, and start nesting (and project planning for a new kitchen) and feeling out our little life as Golden residents (so far, so good).  I can't though forget the fun we had as urbanites living the last 4.5 months in downtown Denver.  We definitely took advantage of the scene (you know, walking to the children's museum...all that ragey downtown living you do with little ones!) and did lots of walking on the 16th Street Mall, took many a visits to Little Man Ice Cream (and the park across the street that we aptly named, 'ice cream park') and even got the chance to walk over and take in a ball game at Coors field (we could see the stadium from the windows of our condo). In spite of living 11 stories above the mass transit tracks (I will not miss that), I felt blessed every single time I looked out our windows at the Denver skyline (and Zac had 4.5 months of walking to and from work...not too shabby!).

The view from the living room of our 'summer housing', many thanks
to the company Zac took a job with for putting us up (and extending
our time there until we found our home) - So blessed.

It is hard to tell in the skyline picture, but Union Station is in the
foreground, and I loved sitting and looking out the window at night
when the sign was illuminated. 

Thankfully where our house is perched in Golden, we have many great views.  Zac saw bighorn sheep up the mountain off the front side of our house, when he was looking out Ben's bedroom (oh, Ben is the new quickly I forget that I am still the world's worst blogger, and that hasn't been written about).

The view from our kitchen, off the back side of our house...I am in love! 

I am really going to work my way back into blogging...for reals.  So, until next time...

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  1. Welcome back! YOu've been missed! So jealous of your view!!!!!