Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Fire Fighter Princess & a Little Candy Corn's tutu making time!

My sweet Logan (she is 3) is pretty funny.  I have enjoyed her Halloween costume ideas over the past month or are a few:
Road that turns into a Trunk
Fire Fighter

She finally settled on being a Fire Fighter.  So easy!  I was feeling lucky.  Then, she switched it up (after I had the hat, realized she had a yellow raincoat and cutie striped leggings that would be perfect for a little fire fighter) and decided it was back to Princess...quick thinking on my part and I excitedly said, 'ohhhh, you can be a Fire Fighter Princess, how cool is that!?!'.  She was on board. 

I decided the 'Princess' element would be a red tutu (since I had supplies on hand), which is the cutest and simplest craft EVER...

All you need is ribbon, tulle and a good pair of scissors.

I always buy spools of tulle after holiday sales (black & orange after Halloween, red, chartreuse & hot pink after Christmas) and keep it on hand, because who knows what occasion might be on the horizon that is screaming for a tutu.  I usually use a thicker ribbon, but I had this on hand.  My hands are overflowing with new house, new baby and toddler, so I was not about to make a trip for thick ribbon. 
 My point, any ribbon will do!

Cut a piece of ribbon long enough for the circumference of the intended waist, with ribbon tails hanging on each end, that will tie in a bow to secure the tutu on the person.  Cut strips of tulle (I cut 10 inch pieces) that will fold in half and attach to the ribbon (the 10 inch sections were not measured, just eyeballed.  No big deal if they are off a bit from piece to piece).

tie knots in the ribbon so you keep the tails that will tie up the tutu, tulle free.

Start at one knot and fold the tulle in half and feed the none folded ends of tulle through the loop. 
Keep repeating, until you reach the other knot!

A few ties in, many to go...

Done.  Easy Peasy!

 Logan had a Halloween parade and party at preschool

The fire fighter took a 10er at the party, but the tutu princess held down the fort and lollipop!

It warmed up for trick-or-treating on main street, so I put shorts under the tutu for the night. 

Sweet little candy corn Benny is such a trooper!  So in love my kids.
(oh and yes, his little candy corn bunter is simply 3 sections of fleece stitched together!)

I hope this tutu tutorial was easy to follow (I often confuse myself, so shout out if not!)


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  1. THANK YOU!!! My dd age 4 told me she wants to be a "Princess Firefighter" for Halloween! I've been scratching my head and coming up with nothing...til now that is! Thanks so much for this post!