Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Trimming the Tree: Toddler Style

It is so much fun to have little hands around to help decorate the house this time of year...and by so much fun, I actually mean totally stressful.  I am constantly playing defense with the cutie bits of holiday merriment that my 3 year old attempts to play catch with. 

I could have a major case of the sighs, but instead I thought up the most fantastic idea for stress-free-toddler-tree-decorating.  I had several packages of glitter snowflakes from Target on hand (I tie them on top of presents, with big bows), they are mega cheapy...like a package of 5 for $1.  I removed the strings from the snowflakes and thought, voila, my little sweets can place them in the tree, strategically finding little branch shelves for which the snowflakes can rest.  Phew, problem solved. 

There isn't a single gift wrapped yet this year, but here is a picture from a few years ago
(baby Logan's first Christmas) so you can see the intended purpose of the glitter stars! 
You might have to zoom in on the picture a bit, but they are there!  I swear!

I loved watching her little mind work as she placed the snowflakes
throughout the tree (i.e. the bottom 3 feet of the tree...)

No longer did I need to watch her like a hawk, just waiting for the
sound of crashing glass...you know exactly what I mean!

This occupied enough time that I safely placed the
other ornaments...she was so excited to help, and I
was so excited that she didn't break a thing!  Win/Win!!

This is one of the beauties I had to rescue from her hands.
He is wicked old and very fragile.  I love him.

As if I want her destroying the cotton ball 'milk shake'
I whipped up as a kid.  As if!

One might actually think I commissioned an ornament
of our dear Sammy Waffle.  See below for comparison.

Oh Sammy Waffle...

I used to collect Dept 56 Krinkles, until they stopped
producing them.  I love them so much, as does Logan.
Protecting these little guys is what first alerted me to
the idea that she needed an ornament alternative.

One more Dept 56 Krinkles.  Sadly, many of my Krinkles
didn't fare so well in the move/storage/move transition from
Oklahoma to Colorado.  I was so sad to open a few boxes and
find pieces of Krinkles.  Now, my hunt will begin to try and replace
the broken ones.

How fun is it that Logan got to style the bottom half of the tree with fancy pants
glitter ornaments...your little ones will love this too!  Stress free, guaranteed!

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