Saturday, December 8, 2012

DIY Tree Skirt

I made this beauty, before I was a blogging fool...but it is too dang cute (easy and cheapy) not to share!!! 

Let me set the scene: I was on the hunt for a tree skirt, on the cheap, and wasn't having any luck!  So, I went to my mother ship, flipped through the rack of tree skirts on hand and wanted to cry, as it was more of the same...super traditional and stuffy (in my uneducated tree skirt opinion)!  One can't visit TJ without walking through the home section (that is like rule #24 of shopping, right?) and I happened upon this fantastic throw blanket that just screamed 'MAKE ME INTO A TREE SKIRT!!!!'.  I thought, 'no worries new blanket friend, I shall get on that, asap!'.  The blanket was under $10 so I gave a nod and a wink to the big guy up north, as this had to be the Christmas magic we all dream of...for this I am certain! 

While the blanket was totes adorbs, it needed a tad bit of whimsy, so we (blanket and me) headed to the fabric store, where the pom pom trim basically jumped in my shopping basket.  Score.  Done and done, I was then off for the world's quickest date, with my sewing machine. 

I put the blanket flat on the ground, and used scissors to cut an opening to the center (from one corner of the blanket I cut in at the diagonal to the center) and then roughly cut a circle in the middle of the blanket (for easier draping around the tree stand). 

I sewed up the cut edges of the blanket and then sewed on the pom pom trim. 
It is a total doll baby of a tree skirt, if I do say so myself! 

As Susan Powter so poignantly said in the 90s
STOP THE INSANITY (of cuteness)!

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