Tuesday, November 27, 2012

All I Want For Christmas...

I have wanted a deer bust for years!  I have never found one that
I absolutely love, and have considered trying to construct a wire armature and
 covering it with papier mache, but just haven't gotten around to it.  Thankfully I don't
have to think about that big project for one more minute (so long as Santa is reading),
as I finally found the one that I have totally dreamed of. 

I already know Santa will not be leaving this chair & ottoman under the tree, but it is on my shortlist for spring, when we renovate our kitchen/living area.  Doesn't it look so cozy and fantastic?

The GREATEST magazine EVER sadly went out of print
 a few years ago...but, IT'S BACK!! Not in it's previous monthly publication, but hell,
I will take it however I can get it. Here's to hoping this Fall/Winter print is so
hot that they bring it back monthly!!

Dear Santa, please stuff this periodical in my stocking!!!

Generally, I do not buy books (other than fantastic shelter books that I  intend to flip through for years)!
This Christmas I just hope Santa can work his magic at the Golden library and pull up my number in the book hold queue, as I desperately want to read these books (by one of my favzy authors, Jennifer Weiner) during the long winter break (i.e. the hubs will be at home, and the grandparents will be in town, which totes equals a bit of alone time for me!)


  1. Just checked your blog again after awhile, and sweet little Ben is so ... well, sweet! I hope Logan is being a great big sister, and I loved her Halloween costume.

  2. ah laura! how the heck are you? miss you guys! if i ever say, 'we have like 5 miles to go...' logan always says, 'like my friend'...so sweet! how is your little family?