Thursday, November 8, 2012

Baby Ben!

Who doesn't love newborn pictures???  They are so sweet!
When I think back to my daughter's newborn pictures, I remember raiding the entire house, looking for fun and funky things to bring with for the photo shoot.  I came up with oodles of items.  So many fantastic things (yes, I am most certainly tooting my 'loads-of-junk-that-is-totes-adorbs' horn) that I actually had to edit my selections a bit, so the photographer didn't think I was showing up to audition for The Jerk!  Sigh.

Here are a few gems from Logan Elizabeth's newbornies:

This time around, all my fantastic finds were somewhere in Denver, in some lonely storage facility.  Double sigh. 

So, girlfriend (me) had to get creative.  Oh, and we were in our summer housing (sounds fancy saying it like that...) which you hopefully saw in previous pictures was wall-to-wall windows of a high rise in downtown Denver.  Not too shabby, but not too fantastic for a mini photo shoot.  You feel me? 

Here's my Benny James (and a couple with big sis too):

Like I said, all my fantastic treasures were in storage,
so I popped down to Ikea to get this solid gold piece.
I would have bought it regardless, but newborn pics
felt like an excellent excuse.  At this price, I will throw
it out there that each and every one of you need one.

Sweet Ben! 

We were not going for the artsy 'naked baby' shoot.
Logan refused to get dressed, so alas, we are
pretending to be a bit deep and owning this
artsy moment. 

I bribed her to smooch her brother with ice cream and
soccer at the park across the street.  A mama has gotsta
do what she has gotsta do in a moment like this. 
No judgement!

This is that fantastic mid-century dresser
My ma-in-law made the blanket
for Ben with the fantastic fabric

Baby Ben!  Look below to see
if you think he kind of looks like baby Logan.

Baby Logan.  Just a slight resemblance, huh!
Zac joked that we could reprint the newborn pics of Logan
(well, the ones without the doilies hat) and play them off as baby Ben!
Always looking to save a buck...I only laughed for a second.


  1. I have hardly any baby pics, so good call on ignoring Zac!

  2. He looks so much like Logan!!!! Love all the pictures. We need to plan a trip out there for me soon!

  3. So precious and yes he looks just like Baby Logan who was also ADORABLE!