Thursday, August 16, 2012

Fabrics Galore...

I saw these burp cloths on Etsy and was immediately obsessed, until I saw the asking price of $31 for a set of 4.  I do love me some chevron fabric, but I am also blessed with a mother-in-law who knows her way around a sewing machine.  All I have to do is send her a picture, or draw up an idea and she knocks it out.  How do you ever repay someone for being so generous with such a talent?

So, I googled 'chevron fabric' and found the holy grail of chevron fabrics at  I googled ' coupon' and found one that saved 10% on my order, and even received free S/H...score!.

I gave my mother-in-law a quick ring to make sure this was okay.  She was game for the project, so I had the cutest stack of fabric shipped to her!  She is so sweet, she was measuring out fabric for another project I had in mind for Logan and baby (and I cannot wait for it to be completed so I can share with you all!!!  Just you wait, it is adorable!) 

Here are a few things she has whipped up for me off of ideas I had or have seen in magazines:

The curtains in Logan's old room.  I drew up what I wanted, picked
out the fabric and she whipped them up! 

My favorite old 'log cabin' quilt (to the right) that was beyond
the condition for practical use.  My mother-in-law and I  used the
old beauty  as our guide for picking new fabrics that had that same
vintage feel, to create a quilt for Logan's 'big girl bed' (to the left), that
will certainly be with her for a very long time.  Soon enough we will be
in our new house and I will share pictures of her bed, all dolled up.

This is one of the first sewing projects we worked on together.
She is a very patient instructor!  I had the idea for a pillow
for the rocking chair in Logan's room.  I decided I loved the lavender
chenille fabric so much I wanted to use it on the reverse for the
pillow cover, then the flower is stitched chenille side up. 

Another sewing lesson.  I saw a similar bird and owl
 at a store, but didn't love the fabrics.  So I picked
out my favorites, drew up patterns on newspaper and created
these cuties with my fearless instructor.

We always get out the sewing machine when the in-laws are visiting...I just need to be more confident in making stitches when she isn't visiting (soon, that must happen!!!).  Here are the cutie fabrics I just had sent off to Minnesota for her to whip up a couple cozy blankets and burp cloths for baby boy.

Just like I saw on Etsy, right?

I ordered extra of the gray chevron fabric for a
cozy blanket.

For a snuggly blanket. 

Burp cloth copycat...go ahead and call me that!

One more on the copycat train.

Too cute not to have something whipped up in this fabric!

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  1. LOVE this stuff, Tia! You are and have always been so dang cute. I just hired a sewing teacher :) and i will definitely be stealing some of your ideas!