Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: Structures

I have many a cool cats in my life, and I am about to show you some kick ass structures
whipped up by two of them.

First of all let me tell you a bit about my brother, Tate.  He is an artist.  He teaches art at a college in southern Arizona.  He lives in a converted jailhouse that he bought when he moved to Bisbee and also owns loads of land down in southern Arizona.  Always one with a flair for thinking outside of the box, he started drafting ideas to build a structure on a bit of his land.  I have a hard time not thinking of the Pauly Shore classic (ahem, right) Bio-Dome when I think of a desert structure, but as Jem would say, 'this is truly, truly, truly outrageous'! 

A mock-up of the desert structure in clay.

Hollow shell.

Construction on the interior. I adore the use of glass blocks.

Roof angles for rain flow and collection.

Construction and another look at the roof angles.

Stop it, right!  The lines and shape are crazy amazing.
The area surrounding the door is recycled bottles.
I am beyond obsessed with that feature of the structure.

Local restaurants saved their recycling for Tate to utilize as
functional art.

This is what inspired me to write up this blog.  The
use of the bottles as art, light reflection.  Crazy innovative!

Close up: glass bottle bottoms
 (and a little Mother Mary, probably for good measure).

I hope you all enjoyed the little virtual 'walk through' and a glimpse inside the head of my brother, who is beyond words talented in what he creates.  I will report back upon completion.
The next structure I am currently obsessed with is a green house that has more meaning than just a garden growing shed.  The GREEN is also in the structure itself, as it is constructed completely of recycled windows and doors that Kurt (a chef I used to work with in Oregon) acquired for free off of craigslist. 

Free booty off of craigslist.  I would love to get my hands on
some of these windows and pop mirrors in them!!!

I only have one picture of the completed structure,
but it is totally drool worthy!!

So there you have it folks, literally think outside the box and who knows what you might come up with on your little plot of land.  I feel so inspired, can't wait to get my hands on our new home...
2 months and 1 day to go!

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