Thursday, August 2, 2012

Before the After: Mid Century Dresser

While it's true that we will officially be homeless in a few short weeks, I will certainly be filling my shopping cart (yes, the one I will have to remove from the Target parking lot to push all my possessions and child around in...) with this adorable little mid century dresser, that I just acquired!  I am so in love. 

When I first saw this beauty on the Internet (I was technically looking for homes, but got side tracked when I accidentally opened craigslist and searched 'mid century') I channeled Rachel Zoe in thinking the dresser for sure needed to have a turquoise moment, but when we drove over to pick it up and I saw the beauty of the walnut (and the look on Zac's face when I told him of my brillz turquoise idea)  I decided the turquoise moment would have to wait.

Just need to find a home, to find this baby a home. 

All it needs is new drawer pulls
(I did kind of oversell with the title 'before the after'...but I am sure that really peaked your interest?!?)

I will report back, as soon as this little guy is all dolled up, where it is supposed to be!
(so, for the real estate Gods that read my blog...I am talking a cutie little house in  
Golden, with views of the mountains.  Do what you can.)

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