Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Ma'am, that hood looks...kind of hood.

OMGeezBalls, I ruined the hood of my cozy, puffy winter coat.  I did this by accidentally popping said hood in the dryer.  I always wash the entire coat, then remove hood, and pop the hood less coat into the dryer with 2 tennis balls (thank you J Crew sales associate for letting me know that will keep my puffer looking extra puffy!).  Well on this one occasion, I like many moms I know, I was doing one too many things at the same time and accidentally popped the entire coat, with the faux fur trimmed hood, into the dryer.  45 minutes later, I pulled a road-kill-cafe-blue-plate-special out of the dryer, as the faux fur lived up to it's fauxness and melted and clumped up.  I was a bit distraught, not going to lie.  I kind of thought the poofer would have to go on, sans hood, but I just couldn't accept that fate as I called on my sewing guru (mother-in-law extraordinaire) and asked her to keep an eye out for faux fur trim, to do a switch out.  I had already searched online, but couldn't find anything...I was just hopeful she would have an idea of where to find some.  Oh boy, did she ever.  She reported that the trim at the fabric shops was 'wimpy' and wouldn't look as fab as the faux fur once did...but she wasn't stopping there.  She started hitting up thrift shops (such a smarty!) and came across a coat with a fur trimmed hood (notice my omission of 'faux'...sorry PETA) and got out thee o' tape measure and it was an exact fit to fix up my puffer.  Hallelujah!

The thrift store was asking $14 for the coat with hood, but since she didn't need the coat, she let them know she would donate it back, and they gave her the fur trimmed hood for $12.  What a steal.  

It's hard to tell in this photo, but the faux fur was pretty lovely!

You can kind of see it's beauty.

 This is what happens when you put faux fur in the dryer.  

 I mean, I could have kept walking around with
this 'thing' on the hood...I did think about it.

What?  Can you stand? If I had known this
drying mishap would have yielded such hood 
treasures, I would have dried it a long time ago!

Enough said.  

I kind of feel like since the fur was thrifted, it was kind of
ethically sourced, on our end.  Right? 


  1. Love it! Maybe this will be the "key" to get us into some of the happening parties! ha !

  2. Thats awesome. Dont feel bad about the real fur... YOU know it gave it a new life.