Sunday, February 24, 2013

Semi-Vintage Necklace

Are you like me, and all about old, gaudy costume jewels???  It's fun to take the vintage jewels and give them new life, by using them in different ways.  That is exactly what I did with this old gold and rhinestone clip-on earring I picked up a few years ago at an estate sale, for pennies.

  The other night I grabbed this necklace (which I do adore) that I 
purchased years ago at Forever 21.  It felt so 'flat' against the
dress I had on (literally, it is you can see) and I wanted
to give it a bit of dimension, so off I went to rummage through
my costume jewelry treasures.

Dare I say this necklace alone is teetering on 'vintage'...I kid, I kid.

My search concluded, when I spotted this borderline tacky clip-on
earring, and just knew it would do the trick in gussying up my 
cheapy, stock-supplied necklace.

Legit clip-on earring.  Might I add that this is a pretty big chunk
to dangle from an ear...zoinks.

They totally needed to join forces.

Instantly, a custom 'semi-vintage' piece.

What treasures do you have floating around
your jewelry box?


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