Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Half Pipe Skiing: Olympic Qualifier

We just got back from a wonderful week in my favorite little spot on earth, Park City, Utah.  We always head to Park City for the first half of the Sundance Film Festival, but were extra lucky that the mountain was hosting an Olympic qualifier this past weekend in half pipe and slope style skiing.  Perfect.

My camera gets a workout during this vacation as I gracefully (tongue so far in cheek, I nearly choked) walk the streets of Park City, taking pictures of celebrities who are in town to promote their films (or just in town to score free sh!t...ahem, Lindsay Lohan), so it was no surprise that I grabbed that bad boy (camera) as we headed out to watch the best of the best compete in the half pipe competition. Pretty sure I will be working as a sports photographer*, in no time.

Here's a looksy, from my perch, about half way down the pipe:

Aaron Blunck.  Off to Sochi, to compete 
in the first ever half pipe Olympic events. 

Do you also think he most likely just waved at me?
'oh, hi there'

Zac says he is the man to beat in Sochi. **

* Does a sports photographer need to know a lot about sports, or is it kosher to make guesses? 

** I will take his word for it.  See above. 

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  1. These pics are awesome! And you are hilarious.