Thursday, January 30, 2014

Sundance Film Festival 2014, part 1 exploits began at the airport, while we awaited our friend's arrival.  Oh, and might I mention that the load of paparazzi that were waiting at the airport for celebs to arrive REMEMBERED ME AND WAVED. 
I died. Zac laughed. I mean, it has been two years.  How to they remember me?  No, for reals?  I need an agent, stat (right?).

I channeled my dear friend (who wishes to bring his children into this world)
when I saw this tall hunk of burning love walk by.  He is on True Blood, but was
heading to the festival to promote a documentary he directed about male strippers, La Bare.

 Another actor turned director.  This time, Rose McGowan,
in town to promote her short film, Dawn.

First up on Main Street, Danny Glover.

Oh ya know, I am not above doing a walk by shooting (strictly digital, that is).
Homegirl was in town to score free shit host a VIP lounge.

I am a huge Aaron Paul fan.  I mean,
who doesn't love the scene he shot on
Price is Right?  I mean, that just screams
Golden Globe!!!

I am officially outing myself as someone who appears
to not watch popular television series.  First, True Blood.
Second, Breaking Bad.  Finally, Game of Thrones.

I would not have had a clue who this tall man was, if
it wasn't for advance warning from my friend, to be on the
lookout.  He was tall, I will give him that.  Can he act?
I am certainly not the one to ask!

Jef Holm, of the television show The Bachelorette.*
He was so tiny, I wanted to give him a lift in my pocket.

* = officially outing myself that I stick to sh!t television series.

 They kind of feel like the prom kind and queen of 90s television.

Tom Sizemore was beyond sweet!!!

 Miles Teller in town to promote his film Whiplash,
which I tried hard to score tickets for.  No luck.
It was highly reviewed and received the 2 big wins
of the festival, taking the top audience and grand
jury awards in the U.S. dramatic competition.

And...I cannot tell a lie, I would love to go see him this
weekend in the movie, That Awkward Moment.

 This was Jesse Eisenberg, a few years ago...before The Social Network.
He was so sweet and humble, stopping for pics with people. 

 I am not saying he is no longer sweet or humble,
but he didn't even pop a wave our direction. As if.

And, might I add he was in town to promote his film, The Double,
which I unfortunately got tickets for.  It was horrible.
I understand and appreciate art house films...but this left me
scratching my head and screaming for my 2 hours back.
To top it off, the director and cast did not do a Q&A with the audience
after the show (this has never happened, in all my years of seeing films at Sundance).
So, maybe they too were left scratching their heads?

John Paul Dejora (let's be real, Paul Mitchell)
and his wife with maj credit for the amazeFest

We hit up Robert Redford's restaurant, Zoom, on main street for dinner.
I highly recommend the wood grilled artichokes for
a starter, followed up with the warm spinach salad. Yum. 

This is the group of friends we met up with this year. I so wish
we weren't spread out all over the country.  These are some of my
favorite people in the whole world!

Anna Kendrick.  Of course I wanted to find a
plastic cup and beg her to sing. Such restraint I showed, as 
I only looked over one shoulder, for a possible stash of Dixie cups.

Goldie Hawn!  She looked fabulous.  She was at the festival
to play the part of cheerleader.  2 of her kids and her life partner,
Kurt Russell, had premieres opening weekend.  

I saw her outside the theater, where I was begging, sign in hand, for 2 tickets
to the film Wish I Was Here.  Kate Hudson stars in that film. I didn't get into
the screening (ugh, annoyed still, as it was #1 on my 'hope to see list') but,
I cannot wait to see this film.  Written and Directed by Zach Braff, exactly 10
festivals after his first directorial debut, Garden State, premiered at Sundance.

Because I am basically a 101 year old women, masquerading as a 34 year old, I must sign off for now as it is 9:03 pm on a Friday night, and I know all-things-shenanigans happen after 9:07 pm on a Friday night. 
Fear not, there are loads for pics and a couple of movies I CANNOT WAIT TO WRITE ABOUT. 

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