Thursday, February 27, 2014


It's no secret that I have close to zero shame when we head to the Sundance Film Festival each year.  I go to see shows, yes...but I really go to play the part of pretend-paparazzi.  Yes, this is one of our annual vacations that I live for, and I just loooove standing around snapping photos of celebs (while being quite vocal in my refusal to ski during the week, as THIS IS MY TIME TO SHINE, as pretend-paparazzi).  So anyhoo, many a photographers asked me who I work for, while I 'stalk' the streets of Park City.  Who meWhat!  Really?  Well, I would reply, I am just a mom on vacation and I do this for fun, oh and for my little blog that I hope takes off at some point.

One photographer started calling me Mamarazzi.  How funny is that!  She was impressed with the celebs response to me, so she asked if she could see some of my snaps.  She said they were good and offered to send them off.  Well for Pete's sake, would you believe that I got word today that one of the photos I snapped was picked up by People magazine.  Yes, thee People magazine!  Crazy, right!  I am so excited.  I feel quite legit in my mamarazzi status now!

Here's the photo from my blog post a few weeks back.

And here she the March 2014 issue of People magazine.

Still pinching myself in excitement!
Stay tuned...I might just make a mini career out of this!  

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