Saturday, February 8, 2014

Sundance Film Festival 2014, part 3

I was obsessed with the lights cast on the historic Egyptian Theatre on 
Main street each night of the festival.  It was so fun and I kind of think
they could see it from space.  
 Ahhh, Maggie Gyllenhaal had the cutest haircut ever. 
Short like mine, but the absolute cutest!
(note she went in without a hat)

  And came out sporting this cutie free hat.  Ohh
to have so much money that you need for nothing,
 yet free stuff is shoved your way. 
(note the coat she walked out in)

I would be smiling too, if someone gave
me a free coat!  For reals. Smiles for days.
This be for all my Downton Abbey ladies...holla.
I don't watch the show, but the girls around me 
were going straight CRAZY for Dan Stevens.

I love people that get a little nutso, in the face of celebrity.
I feel like we are cut from the same, beautiful tapestry of crazy!!!

 Dan Stevens, head shot (homeboy should be paying me for this one)
Apparently sweet Dan (wait, is he sweet?) died on the if.

Chloe Grace Moretz.  I barely got out of pajama 
pants when I was 17, so I was shocked to find out
that is how old she turns this week!  Crazy business!

She was in town to promote the film, Laggies,
which received great reviews at the festival.

Tyler James Williams (of Everybody Hates Chris)
was in town to promote one of the most buzzed about
films at the festival, Dear White People.  He was awarded
the prize for Best Supporting Actor, during the festival awards
ceremony, and the film itself was awarded the Special Jury 
prize for Breakthrough Talent.  Cannot wait to see this film!

Kate Flannery (The Office) promoting in her free boots
the film Cooties.  I was wildly excited about this film 
(well, mainly the ridiculous cast, check it out!) and we
 headed the the Egyptian Theatre for the film's midnight
premiere.  Our chances of getting in were excellent, until
they made the announcement that the cast/crew/entourages 
filled up over 70% of the theatre.  Is that not one of the 
most annoying things you have ever heard?  I think if you
are premiering your film at a quaint theatre, don't invite your 
dog walker, nail polish tech and your cab driver...just saying!

I didn't get to see her premiere, but it was fun
to see Kate Hudson (and to realize that she and my left
 thumb  wear the same jean size...maybe the big hat made her
look smaller?  I might try this trick!)

2 headed Turk!  If you love Scrubs, you are
jumping for joy at this moment!!! What a funny
snap, huh!

Zach Braff (I nearly had a moment) and Donald Faison 
(I would say Donald is best none for Scrubs, Clueless
and being Zach Braff's BFF).

In all my years of hitting up the festival, I always
say I hope to see Zach Braff.  He is like my one
true Hollywood love!  I was so bummed that 
we didn't get to see his premiere (that he wrote,
directed and starred in) despite begging for tickets,
but I was so elated to finally see him, after 7 
festival years of hoping! 

Mildly majorly, amongst friends obsessed!

I got super nervous that I didn't actually get a photo, so I did what
any highly functioning adult would do, turned my hand, in a counter clockwise
circle, as if I was rolling down an old school car window, 
in hopes they would follow my lead.  

They did and this is PHOTO GOLD in my book! 
Can I keep having a moment?

I was on a Zach Braff Cloud 9 as I headed
back to meet up with friends when I happened 
upon Michael C. Hall in a parking lot.  I was
so excited that I initially forgot to take my lens
cap off, so this be as good as it gets!!!  

Many apologies to all you Dexter fans! 

Rachel McAdams was annoyingly flawless!  OMG. 
Can I have her hair?  No for reals, do they sell
a Rachel McAdams wig at Halloween?  I am so in.

seemed uber friendly!  I wonder why he was canned
from the show? I pray you tasted my sarcasm!  

Okay friends, I must sign off for now...but there are at
least 2 more parts to this Sundance wrap up.  I know,
I know...I should just knock it out...but that is so hard
to do with 2 little kids crawling all over you. Gotta
figure out how to get paid for this, that would certainly 
light a fire!


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  1. Tia, I am so proud of your Dexter pic!! Made my day!! BTW, Dan Stevens is that actor's proper name and his character is Mathew Crawley. I'm also a huge Downton Abbey fan... sorry not on Bravo
    -Sally Peterson