Thursday, May 29, 2014

Staircase Remodel

In the process of deciding how we wanted to remodel our home, my husband (who is super easy going, and doesn't really care about this kind of stuff) was adamant that if we were going to have to patch in hardwood floors and have the entire first floor sanded and stained (due to the rearrangement of the kitchen), he would like to reroute the staircase, as it really drove him nuts.  I was way on board (my remodel list was a bit out of control, so I was super excited that this was his idea!!!)

Here are a few pictures of the staircase in their original form:

I am sure some will think we are super
 nit picky, but that's a whole lot of railing!

 Our biggest complaint was the large, jutting out platform
at the base of the stairs.  It pulled the flow of traffic
one direction, when desending the stairs.
 The removal of platform stairs.  The posts of the railing, removed and
resting at the top of the picture were reused for the new set up.

 What was once a cumbersome twisting platform was simplified
into an addition 4 steps.  What a space saver!!!

 Baby Benny inspecting the work.

And now, THE AFTER!

Added gloss white to the yellow oak rails and
fresh carpet to the rearranged stairs.  Love!

The carpet is called Stitches by Milliken.

Yay!  Project complete!!! 

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