Thursday, June 19, 2014

James Taylor Live at Red Rocks

I just rolled in the door, but before I hit the hay I wanted to knock out this quick blurb, after an excellent show out here in the foothills.

I do not care which genre of music you pledge your allegiance to, you must, I repeat you must see James Taylor play a live show.  He is flawless.  He is timeless.  I saw him play in Duluth, Minnesota 12 years ago, on my mom's birthday.  When I heard he would be at Red Rocks, I thought my mom and I should for sure hit the show up.  The day leading up the the show was amazing.  Indian lunch at my favorite little spot in Golden, massages, shopping (I bought a floppy hat) and yoga.  That's when the weather rolled in.  Boooo, it started pouring cats and dogs.  I thought for sure they would cancel the show because of the lightning, but sure enough, after a 45 minute rain delay, the sky made like a bruise (went from black to blue...did you catch that drift?  I am wildly clever when I am ready for bed...) and the show went on.  Pinch me. 

I love his music so very much.  When I had my sweet little boy, I changed one word in his song Sweet Baby James to Sweet Benny James, and sing it to my little love all the time!  I also flashback to childhood every time I hear him sing, You've Got a Friend as it reminds me of my summers at sleep away camp and the month I spent canoeing in Canada with a group of girls.  Oh sigh.  I just love him.  Oh, and I also die when I hear Fire & Rain as one night in college I saw one of the horrible commercials for those horrible compilation CDs of super random music (which was actually really good tunes, but the idea of them always throws me off, unless we are talking about Jock Jams...obvy.  Oh and yet again, I am totally off point)...I saw the crap commercial, that wasn't so crappy as I heard his sweet voice singing that song and as I fell asleep I dreamed I was ON A DATE WITH JAMES TAYLOR (shouting!).  RandomFest!  But still let's be honest, it was a glorious date!

Okay, must hit the pillow...but do yourself a favor and see if you can catch a show! 


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