Friday, June 27, 2014

The Okee Dokee Brothers in concert

Call me crazy, but we do not own the Frozen soundtrack.  We have seen the movie and can casually hum along, but we do not know the words (which has been a bit awkward at the birthday parties as of late!!).  This is because since the day I became a mom I have incorporated my music into my children's lives.  Yes, I did have the foresight to pull the plug on the Beastie Boys, once Logi turned 1...but they have grown up on the music genres I love most:  folk, bluegrass and reggae. 

A couple of years ago, I was very excited to receive some tunes from my friend from growing up.  Kid music.  But, the best kind of kid music I have ever heard!!! Oh-to the-Em to the-Gee!! That my friends would be The Okee Dokee Brothers!  A couple of dudes who grew up together out here in Colorado, but now reside in Minnesota (which of course would be reason enough for me to looove them!)  So, disc one has been our favorite for the last couple of years, it rarely leaves the car and it rarely turns off, even when the kids aren't with me (which of course means it is kid tested, mother approved, duh!).

Lucky us, The Okee Dokee Brothers played in Colorado last week, in support of their second album's release!  Here are a few snaps from my phone, of a lucky little afternoon for some of my favorite little kids:

 Jake, Logi and Benny!  These kids are
second generation friends, as I grew
up in Minnesota with Jake's daddy. 

 Logi is very timid in crowds, but quickly
warmed up to the celebration!

 They are seriously the sweetest little friends
Moving here and reconnecting with Jake's dad
has been one of the greatest blessings to our life
in Colorado, especially getting to watch these two 
sugars grow up together.

 Logi and Jake scooted up front (where
it appears Lo worked on finding her
sits bones).  The 'brother' to the right (Joe)
went to college at St. John's in Collegeville, which
of course I love because all of Logi and Benny's
uncles were Johnnies. The 'brother' on the left (Justin)
had a ridiculously infectious smile, and I would 
imagine he brings a whole lot of happiness to his
people.  I want him to move next door.

 Barefoot Boogie!

 This was our favorite song (an auctioneer bit), 
the kids were raising there hands to 'bid'. 
So thankful we got to enjoy this afternoon
with the kids and some ridiculously good 
tunes.  Check out their website and catch
a show, when they are in your area.


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