Thursday, August 7, 2014

Birthday Party Prep, in the kitchen

 Sweet Logan turned 5 yesterday.  I will post all the pics of her wonderful birthday celebration, but for now here are the goodies I whipped up for her party!  

 You can't spell P-A-R-T-Y without cookies, or something 
like I right?  Semi-sweet chocolate chip cookies,
dusted with sea salt are ALWAYS on the menu!

Dark chocolate cupcakes (along with vanilla cupcakes that
didn't get their time to shine in front on the camera during prep)
alwaty please the crowds!
 It is a must for cupcakes, layered cakes, spoons and fingers!
Make this recipe, it is quick and easy and oh so tasty!

 Copious amounts of rice krispy treats!  I didn't make 
homemade marshmallows for these bad boys, as I have
in the past.  But the secret to stepping up your game with
a krispy bar made with a bag of marshmallows: a bit of sea salt!

 Peanut butter and homemade jam (via the MIL) is 
turned into party food, by removing crust, with a round 
biscuit cutter and dipping the cut edges into
tiny sprinkles!  So cute and festive!

It's a 5 year old birthday party, but I always plan
for the parents who are showing up as well. 
Beer and handmade wraps were on hand for them.
Store bought tortillas filled with havarti, oven roasted
turkey slices, candied bacon* and sun-dried tomato 
mayonnaise** were perfection!

*to candy bacon, line a rimmed baking sheet with foil and parchment (no stick, yay)
place bacon on the prepared baking sheet and generously sprinkle with brown
sugar and cracked black pepper.  Bake until crispy (directions on bacon package). 
Do not drain on paper towels as the sugars will just stick to the paper!  I place the cooked
candied baon on a cooling rack and allow to drip a bit (playing baking sheet under the 
rack to catch drips).  once cool, store in an air tight container in the refrigerator.  
Can be made a few days in advance.

**to make sun-dried tomato mayonnaise, grab your food processor and whip 2 small jars
of drained sun-dried tomatoes, 1/2 cup cream cheese (soft) and 1 cup real mayonnaise.
Store air tight in the refrigerator, can be made a week in advance.

(but, let's be real...what does 'soon' mean to me?  still haven't finished
Sundance Film Festival 2014 pics...opps!)

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