Thursday, October 30, 2014

Ghostly Pretzel Rods & Cookie Headstones

I am in charge of dessert for Logi's kindergarten class Halloween party, and I decided I would create a graveyard of cupcakes and top them with frosting and Oreo cookies crumbled into dirt.  and then top the dirt with gummy worms, ghosts and headstones.  Very spooky and Very tasty!

 I buy bags of melting vanilla chips online.  I am certain you
can find at any baking supply store. 

Use a glass or stainless steel bowl, over a pot of water 
(only a few inches of water, as the water should never touch the 
base of the bowl) on medium heat.  Stir often.

Keeping the the double boiler on medium heat, I switched out bowls
and started melting some standard dark chocolate chips.

I used a spoon to coat the pretzel rods (broken in half, as I am going
to stick them in cupcakes and full size would be maj overkill). Then
set dipped (and dripped off, into bowl of coating) pretzels on a 
parchment lined tray to fully set up.

Melted dark chocolate.  Be responsible, don't like the bowl!
After melted turn the heat off, but leave over the warm water until
you are ready to transfer.  The best thing about working with melted 
chocolate, if it starts to harden, pop it on the heat for a minute and it
will quickly melt again!

I bought single layer cookies (this cookie is usually sandwich cookies,
so I was excited to find them as singles)  I placed them plain side up, on
a parchment paper lined tray.

Transfer the melted dark chocolate to a bottle. 

 They aren't perfect, but sure did turn out cute! 

 I used too many vanilla chips, so placed the excess melt on a piece
of parchment and spread out with a spatula to set.  I then broke
it up into bits and popped in a freezer safe bag and into the freezer for
a later date bake session. 

I will certainly post a picture, once these little goodies are plopped 
in the cupcake graveyard!!!

Final Product!
They were scrumptious and adorable!
Use my recipe for frosting, at the beginning of this
post, and use green gel to get the 'grass' then crush
Oreo cookies for the 'dirt'.

 So easy, cute and tasty = Halloween success!

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