Sunday, November 16, 2014

Crispy 'Nests' with Grape 'Eggs'

I didn't even think of putting this on the blog, but when I told one of my besties about them she said, YOU HAVE TO BLOG THAT!  This tasty treat turned out cuter and tastier than I could have imagined, and were the perfect treat for little kindergarteners learning about birds! 

Here's what I did:

Simple, simple...follow any ol' recipe for rice crispy treats EXCEPT sub 1 cup of golden graham cereal and 1 cup pretzel sticks for 2 of the cups of rice cereal.  If you aren't making these into nests, transfer the mix to a buttered 9x13 pan and watch the bars quickly disappear.  If nests are on the agenda, use a large scoop to portion out the sticky mix onto parchment paper.  I then put a bit of coconut oil on a standard tablespoon and formed the nests.  Nests are organic matter, so remind yourself of that if a few look like they belong in the HOT MESS column.

 Little nests.  I transferred them to a lidded container for transport to kindergarten.
Sending the washed and dried grapes in a separatecontainer to be added at snack time. 

Of course these will be a perfect spring treat, to switch up for the old
chow mein bird nests we all devour around Easter time!  

Kid and Parent approved in taste and appearance, FYI!


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