Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Deck the Halls...

Hodge Podge cuteness, if you ask me! 

It all started with some bulbs...I bought loads of shatter proof bulbs
at Target after last Christmas.  Great deals and I just knew I would
find a tree-free purpose for them, this holiday.  New (deeply discounted) 
bulbs, a few old bulbs, fish line...and I was off.

This old dresser (a fantastic mid-century Craigslist find) usually is
the base for family photos, some family art and the candles (as seen).

I pulled the photos and art and moved in some holiday cheer.

My mom gave me the Twinkle sign years ago and it is still a holiday favorite 
and looks cutie with the (once again,a cheapy find at Target) felted trees.  
I pulled out my trifle dish, filled it with bulbs and balanced it with a holiday postcard 
that I plopped in a frame (the postcard looks vintage, which I totally love).

Simply plopping the glitter bulbs on top of the well used 
candles adds quick and instant holiday pizazz.  To add a bit 
 more dimension, I threw the remaining bulbs (that were housed in 
a tube, 8 bulbs total, in the $1 section at Target...which I 
 proudly paid 50 cents for) in a vintage mason jar.  
The BE MERRY sign was also sourced from the 
$1 section at Target (again, a 50 cent score!)

I just picked the table runner up at Home Goods (because, as they 
say, Home Goods makes you happy) and pulled out a rad enamel bowl
that I picked up years ago at a garage sale (for $1...for reals) and filled it
with several of my favorite, oversize bulbs.  I filled a vintage mason jar with the
 garland beads I usually string from a cut tree.  I topped my favorite little cake
stand with a glass dome (filled with bulbs).  Major props to that cute little
dome.  I picked it up at Goodwill (it was the topper of a wooden cheese board).
I just bought the topper, for $1.  Keep watch for them, as they seem to be plentiful 
on the shelves of thrift stores, and make a wonderful statement for a birthday cupcake,
stack of cookies or...a pile of Christmas bulbs. 

I want to live in this potpourri of colorful holiday cheer!

Seriously, how fab is this bowl?  I am mildly obsessed with it's beat up beauty!

I went fish line crazy with the table lighting.  Super random, yet balanced.

Logi has stood on the table no less than 10 times and asked me,
 is it snowing? while she bangs these around.  Lawdy!

Super simple, quick and wicked cheap holiday creation!!!

I purchased a few packages of faux greenery 
garland (last winter, after season sale, of course)
knowing that I wanted to doll up the stairs.

Using fish line I bundled random bulbs and 
tied to the posts.

Bundle of bulbs!

I tucked this gorgeous winter picture of my nieces
on my metro rack of crazy.  It looks perfect.

In other news...
Logi is ready to take on winter!

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