Monday, February 2, 2015

2015 Sundance Film Festival, part 1

One of my best friends and I ditched our husbands and kids for a few days of adventures in Park City, Utah for the 2015 Sundance Film Festival. The adventures began, the minute I departed my airplane as I had a long ass wait at the airport, waiting on my friend's arrival.  We had a slight mix up on our flight arrival times and I arrived 7 hours before her.  This girl here (me) made some damn fine lemonade out of those aiport lemons.  I got my camera out and went to work doing my mamarazzi thing. 

I legit had no clue who she was, but was like I totally 
know that face, and her name is Jennifer.  I did some
follow up research after latte purchase (see, we were at the
airport Starbucks). I think my ridiculous photographic
 memory can be credited to all the nights in college I slept 
with a  picture of Albert Einstein under my pillow. 

I was on the phone with my girlfriend (who at this point 
wasn't even at the airport to fly and meet me...we are 
quite the pair), drinking a latte WHEN I freaked the
eff out, hung up on my friend, spilled a bit of latte
on my leg as I noticed Kristen Wiig was walking past.

Whatevz, worst pic ever and she is totes a favorite.
I should try and remedy this upon arrival in Park City.

Or...I could march on over, let her know I didn't get
a good pic and ask for a redo right then and there.

We chatted a bit, but she was hesitant for a picture as
she was just getting over the flu.  So...she decided
this would cover up her flu face.  As if.  I still
absolutely adore the stuffing out of everything
she brings to the screen!

Where's Kevin Bacon, Yo!?!

Kellan Lutz insisted I be in the pic with him.  Too bad I decided
to dedicate my gaze to someone else's camera.

Mamie Gummer.  She looked HANGRY.

Scott Weiland of Stone Temple Pilots

I can't even.  Adrian Grenier

Gaaaaaaw I was sooooo crazy excited!!! John Cusack
is one of my most favorite actors.  The driver didn't 
flinch over my excitement.  That's when it dawned 
on me Oh, Joan Cusack...I was still excited.

Joan Cusack arrived, and I realized she was crying
her eyes out.  So, I didn't keep snapping.

Jack Black.  He is not a favorite of mine, but the
 reviews of  The D Train, which premiered at the festival, 
have me excited to see this film. 

He goes by: Kid Cudi (musician)/Scott Mescudi (actor)
Had the pleasure of him seeing him the next day
in the film James White. Excellent!

Well friends, that's a wrap ON MY 7 HOURS AT THE SLC AIRPORT!
Just you wait...this year's festival was loaded with many a celeb sightings!!

Soon friends, soon.  I promise.

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  1. You need to watermark those girl before US Weekly gets their grubby mitts all over them!