Sunday, February 1, 2015

Fig & Arugula Flat Bread

Last weekend as my friend and I wandered up Main Street in Park City, Utah for the Sundance Film Festival we were invited to "lunch" by a sponsor of the events.  Dear Lord, their idea of lunch and our idea of lunch...different planets.  Though, I am so thankful we popped in as they were serving up  an amuse bouche of the most amazing flat bread I have ever had the pleasure of trying, and thanks to a few ingredients I had on hand I decided to attempt a copy cat version.  I think I won, as it tastes pretty spot on.

What you need:
  Flat Bread
Fig Spread
Gruyere Cheese
White Truffle Oil
Sea Salt Flakes

On a baking sheet I placed store bought naan (which is a freezer
staple, in this house.  These were smaller in size, found at Costco). 
I topped each naan with a heaping tablespoon of Fig Butter (Trader Joe's)
 Lightly drizzle with honey

My little Benny is obsessed with the honey bear. He carries
it around and pats it on the back, like a baby doll.  It is the cutest/
messiest little thing ever, as I am constantly checking 'baby' to
make sure it isn't leaking all over the house.  
 Top with slices of Gruyere cheese.  
My sous chef Logi used the slicer to slice all of the cheese.  She was so proud.

Place baking sheet in a 350 degree oven and bake for 6-8 minutes,
 until the cheese is melted.

Immediately top warm flat breads with arugula,
then drizzle on white truffle oil and generously 
sprinkle with sea salt flakes.
This can be served as an entree, or sliced small
as a starter (or lunch, if you are a vendor during Sundance)

I am patting myself on the back as this is so spot on to the deliciousness
we wanted more of last week!  The blend of sweet from the fig and honey is 
perfectly balanced with the tender bite of gruyere cheese, the pepper of the
arugula and the buttery love of the white truffle oil.  
Oh and it was on the plate to be gobbled up within 20 minutes.

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