Thursday, April 9, 2015

First Day of School Wonderment

The hubs and I are cleaning up files and files of photos on the computer (this is a moment where I miss flipping through old pics, from a box.  Some stuck together, some way out of focus...) and my heart nearly split in half when I realized my little sugar has 3 'first day of school' pictures.  Seriously Logan, I adore the stuffing out of you.

First Day of Preschool.

She got in the program the day before this picture was taken,
as we were wait listed, as we had just decided we were buying
a house in the town, and got her on the wait list.  I remember
dropping her off.  She was so confused because she couldn't find
her best little friend that she went to a little 'school' progam with,
in our old community (in Oklahoma).  It broke my heart, but she
had the biggest heart and loved to play...I knew she would be great!

 First day of Pre-K

Oh dear. Seriously, this was as good of a pic I could
snap on that day, but I cherish it because that was
where she was in life.  Now, she can ham it up for the
camera...just wasn't into it then.

 First day of Kindergarten.

 As the first year of elementary is in its final weeks
I am still most  thankful for our walk
to school each morning.

Now time, slow the heck down!!!

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