Thursday, April 30, 2015

Papa's Forest

 Like a postcard, this is the drive into Papa's Forest!

We headed back to Minnesota last month to spend some precious
time with my in-laws. My most favorite day of the entire trip was spent
carefree up in the woods. Here are a few pictures I snapped of the
kiddos and Zac from that glorious day.

 Given the chance, Benny would spend all day on the
big tractor.  It truly is his happy place, even though
it is sitting idle in the barn.

Zac and I went for a long ride through the woods on the 4 wheelers.
It was so amazing.  It is always fun to go off and feel lost in the woods.

Then Zac took Logi for a ride.  She loved it until they saw a huge
animal (a bear-squirrel, as described by our 5 year old love) and 
was scared on any subsequent ride.  Zac still has zero clue what
animal they encountered, so it is safe to assume it was Harry.  
Yes, yes that Harry!

Off they went.  Seriously, this was the best day.  Our trip 
home to Minnesota was overshadowed with the sadness
of my father-in-laws battle with pancreatic cancer, but on this
day nothing seemed to matter but the wind in the trees and
the cold on our cheeks and of course, Harry!

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  1. Adorable photos! Thanks for sharing your special day and glad you have a nice account of it for memories!