Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Old & Chippy

My LOVE of all things old and chippy is in great thanks to my mom and many childhood adventures at auctions, antique stores, roadside sales and estate sales.  We really are two peas in a pod when it comes to bargains and funky junk, so I dedicate this blog post to my mom, as all the treasures in these photos are from her home. 

A large box just arrived (via my in-laws who drove down from Minnesota to stay with Logan, while Zac and I can zip away for a few days) full of some of my most favorite things that my mom gathered up after we did a walk through at Christmas.  Yes, that is the most wonderful time of the year!

I hint, everytime I am home, that i covet this mirror.
Finally, it is hanging at my front door. 
Can you stand it? 

 My mom and I found this crate of milk bottles at a junk
store the  summer I got married.  We filled it with an array
of garden flowers to make one of many centerpieces. 
So, I talked my mom into handing it over, as it has so much
sentimental value (I really played on that...so bad of me!)

I found the Coca-cola crate at a garage sale for $4...
but my mom loved it, so I let her hold on to it until now.
The Pepsi crate was just begging to be a part of this
stack under the church pew in our front entry

Way old dresser drawers that are just fantastic!
They are now sitting on my bedside table.
Note: the table is a treasure my mom gave me
before I moved out of the house, and it is still
one of my most treasured pieces.

Thanks mom!  Love you to the moon and back!


  1. Holy cows and pigs, these are fantastic! You two should write a column, it would be so funny!

  2. Well, I recognize every single thing...and know you now have ALL the coke/pepsi boxes...ha! That is just fine. We have enough funky junk to share! Love you and love your blog! Mama


  4. That Coca-Cola crate is AWESOME! How cool!!

  5. come check out my chippy stuff....cool how you know what to do with it....I don't!

  6. You are the best! I I love your style!

  7. I love the stacked drawers on top of your bed side table, that dark old wood/stain is soo pretty!